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How to Use Tharz Magic Chess Commander Skill - Mobile Legends

Magic Chess is a beloved game for many. When the thrill of Mobile Legends wanes, Magic Chess stands as a popular alternative. Created by Moonton, this auto battler mini game offers extensive combo possibilities for players to discover. Among its attractions are adorable commanders like Tharz, the Magic Chess commander.

Full Profile of Commander Magic Chess Tharz

Little commander Tharz is one of the little commanders presented in the Magic Chess game in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since 17 September 2021. This Tharz Magic Chess Commander is one of the most widely used little commanders and dominates the game the most.  In terms of profile, the Tharz Magic Chess little commander is described as a cute demon who has a very greedy character, so he is nicknamed the Gourmand Demon.

Officially, commander Tharz is the 17th little commander character presented in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Because of his greed, little commander Tharz then has the iconic quote "I'll Devour Anything" or in Indonesian it can be interpreted that Tharz will devour everything.

Many Magic Chess gamers decide to use this little commander Magic Chess Tharz because they think that Tharz's skills are easier to use and can dominate the game, especially in the late game phase.

In this article we will review why the little commander Magic Chess Tharz is chosen by many gamers as well as we will provide various pro tips for using the little commander Magic Chess Tharz so that you can immediately win the game in Magic Chess Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Skill Commander Tharz

Like various other commander characters in Magic Chess, little commander Tharz also has 3 skills that can be used by players when in the game. According to his character who is a Gourmand Demon, the three skills of the little commander Magic Chess Tharz really show the gluttonous side of Tharz. The three skills (1 passive skill and 2 active skills) are skills that devour several heroes and even shop to replace them with other hero options that are already owned.

These three skills are Devil's Might, Gluttony, and Feast. Check out our reviews of these three skills below!

Skill 1 Commander Tharz Magic Chess – Devil’s Might

Utilizing his Devil's Might skill, the little commander Tharz in Magic Chess consumes several one-star heroes, which are then replaced with one-star heroes of equal or potentially superior quality. The replacement hero provided in the subsequent round prioritizes those already owned. Notably, Tharz's Devil's Might is a passive skill, meaning it activates without any need for player intervention.

Utilizing Tharz's first skill is excellent for accumulating heroes and accelerating their strength. However, this skill prevents you from obtaining a three-star hero. Instead, you can enhance a two-star hero up to 16 times, making it more powerful than a standard three-star hero.

In the early game phase, Tharz's Devil's Might skill is highly beneficial when paired with heroes that complement your combo, accelerating the stack-building process. However, the drawback of the Devil's Might skill is its gacha system, which assigns heroes randomly. More on this will be covered in the pro tips section below.

Skill 2 Commander Tharz Magic Chess – Gluttony

The second skill of the little commander Tharz in Magic Chess shares similarities with the first skill of Devil's Might. Tharz consumes one-star heroes and provides heroes of equivalent quality for the subsequent round. This ability has a cooldown period of up to four rounds.

I use Skill 2 more often, see the video on YouTube below


Skill 3 Commander Tharz Magic Chess – Feast

Utilizing Tharz's third skill, the little commander will consume shop heroes and, in exchange, grant three consecutive heroes for free. Consequently, players will be unable to purchase heroes from the shop, instead receiving free heroes from Tharz. This ability becomes available once the little commander Magic Chess Tharz attains level 7.

The key to playing tharz skill 3:

1. Keep Hitpoints close to 100,

2. Always try to win at the start of the round

3. Try to have 1 hero for 5 gold such as Gatotkaca, Alucard, Sun

4. Choose rune Rock Solid " Get a shield that blocks 28 damage"

Video on Youtube : OVERPOWER COMMANDER ON JUNE 2024 MAGIC CHESS !!! Tharz skill 3 is recommended to use

Tips for Using Commander Tharz Magic Chess 

1. Take advantage of Tharz's passive skill 1 by stacking Los Pecados heroes in the early game. Using Los Pecados heroes like Aldous or Franco in the early game will allow you to collect more and more heroes for 4 to 5 gold before the shop will disappear.

2. Make sure that before you start the game, you already know what combo you want to play. If you're already using Los Pecados in the early game, decide what heroes you'll buy with the gold you've collected.

3. Understanding the focus of Tharz is crucial as it is designed to stack heroes. Without a pre-determined combo, Tharz becomes ineffective since the heroes it generates won't form a powerful combination. The most effective combos with Tharz are Swordsman or Cadia Riverlands. If these synergies are unattainable, consider opting for Mech Era or Mage as alternatives. It's important to decide on your combo early in the game. Avoid reaching level 7 with Tharz and having skill 3 active without a chosen combo, as this can render Tharz ineffective in the late game.

4. If you find yourself losing in the early game, concentrate on accumulating combo heroes and gold. In addition to utilizing Los Pecados, begin scouting for heroes such as Freya, Therizla, WanWan, or Ling to boost your early damage and establish a strong foundation for the mid to late game.

5. During the mid and late game phases, Tharz's combination with Swordsman inflicts significant true damage, making it a formidable strategy. It's advisable to aim for victory in these stages when utilizing Tharz.

6. Use Tharz's skill 2 to create a hyper carry hero that becomes the core of your game. Don't worry if your hyper carry hero can't reach three stars, focus on stacking until you get a hero with 16 times the power of a two-star that is much stronger than a three-star hero.

7. Don't rush to use skill 2, prioritize a few heroes first to gather according to the combo you want. After that, discard some heroes that you don't need to strengthen your combo.

8. The faster Tharz levels up, the more you benefit. Therefore, focus on leveling up Tharz as quickly as possible. Use Los Pecados heroes early on and start building hyper carries before reaching level 7.


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