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What Can a Bird Do? Lyrics - 102 Dalmatians

 A bird, you say? Don't be ridiculous! I am certainly not!

The mere mention of such a preposterous notion puts me in a rather foul mood!

You see, I'm Waddlesworth. I happen to be a dog, and I'm very proud of it!

I live a dog's life and I absolutely love it! You ask me, between a bird and a dog, which is the best one? Well here's a simple answer to your simple-minded question:

My friends you surely jest when asking me

Is it a canine or a fowl I'd rather be

Some feathers and some wings?

No, not those silly things!

You put me to the task,

So let me ask

What can a bird do

That a dog doesn't do?

Can a bird fetch a bone?

Chase a car? Get a clue!

Can he roll over in the clover

Can he kindly give his paw?

Can he be best friend to man?

Oh, what's the dealeo with a claw?

What can a bird do

That a dog doesn't do?

Can he follow kids around?

Hmm? Can he bark? Can he chew?

Oh, big deal, a parrot talking!

Don't be fooled by what you're seeing

Birds just repeat the things they hear like a human being! *squawk*

A bird? My word! Absurd!

I've heard they're flighty

Oh, yes they'll buzz off just like that on any whim

So let them cheep and chirp and chat

I say alrighty!

You have the nerve to think I'd like to be like them?

They say a bird's free!

That's a popular rage

They start out in a tree

They wind up in a cage

So, ok, they build a nest

And yes, so what, they lay some eggs

I'd like to see them run with two itty bitty little legs!

My friends,

Let's just take, for example, the macaw

Which, if you check your encyclopedia, is a South American parrot

Now, while at dinner a dalmatian dog wants a nice, juicy steak

That bird wants some lettuce or a carrot

Now you know the origin of the phrase "a bird brain"

Someone that declines a steak for a carrot?

A carrot!

I can't bear it!

How dare it?






Bird do

That a dog doesn't do?

A bird can't lick your face

A bird can't eat your shoe

But a bird can fly sky high until the earth's most very end

A bird can [..] once more

And maybe even help a friend

So I suppose, in that regard, they're not half bad

But then again,

Let them fly up in a fog!

I'd rather be a dog!

A dog!

And no, I don't want a cracker.


102 Dalmatians - What Can a Bird Do (HQ Audio) (youtube.com)

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