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Dancing Bears Lyrics - Kid Songs

 In the forest, when the moon is bright,

(Whump, Whump, Whump!)

All the bears go dancing in the light,

(Thump, Thump, Thump!)

'Round a circle they do go,

Bear-y stiff and bear-y slow,

Singing with a bearish sort of sound,

(Grump, Grump, Grump!)

In the field between the 'tato rows,

(Hush, Hush, Hush!)

All the mice are dancing on their toes,

(Shush, Shush, Shush!)

If the cat should chance to roam,

They would all go running home,

Down their holes they'd scamper in a flash,

(Mush, Mush, Mush!)

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