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How to Play Hayabusa Assassin - Mobile Legends

Hayabusa has always been a safe choice in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As an assassin, the Land of Dawn ninja can take down opponents quickly without facing high risks on the front lines thanks to his agility. 

Before we discuss the tutorial on how to play Hayabusa, let's first look at the story of this Hero


The Story of Hayabusa

Hayabusa is the head of the Shadow Sect's second son. Since childhood, he grew up under the rule of his armed father, and while his ninjutsu could never rival his brother's, he was a good friend and family member to him. When Hayabusa learned that his brother had been wronged by Hanzo, he decided to spend the rest of his days mastering ninjutsu, in order to hunt him down and take revenge.

North of the Cadia River there lies a dense forest within the canyon. All around is aesthetic beauty, yet with a harsh and dangerous air. Myriad waterfalls flow like white silk, the water echoing throughout the area as it cascades high into the heavens. When the wind blows, mist and cherry blossoms float in the air - this is the home of the Scarlet Shadow ninja.

Many years ago, the earliest disciple of the Cadia River defender known as the Great Dragon, arrived at Scarlet Shadow. He was a master ninja, and through his training achieved great endurance that allowed him to transcend the limitations of his physical form. Because of this, he gave rise to a special skill that combines physical and spiritual energy - ninjutsu. Those who followed under him also traveled to a canyon deep in the mountains, and there they built a village, calling themselves 'ninjas'.

After the ninja master died, the ninja of the Scarlet Shadow split into two factions due to their different understanding of ninjutsu: one known as the Scarlet Sect and the other, the Shadow Sect. The former advocated using all kinds of ninja equipment, while the latter focused on the study of intent into ninjutsu itself.

Hayabusa is a ninja born in the Shadow Sect, the second son of the leader of the Shadow Sect. He was sent to the head of the Scarlet Sect to study as their disciple, in an educational exchange between the two sects. They arranged for Hayabusa and Hanabi to grow up together, and if all went well, they would marry once grown. Together they would become the link between, and hostages held by, Scarlet and Shadow.

When Hayabusa was sent to the Scarlet Sect, he had no idea that his family had already planned his life for him. His father told him firmly: "From this day on, you are a disciple raised by the Scarlet and Shadow Sects. You must be just as outstanding as your elder brother; as my son, you cannot be left behind!"

The greatest leader of ninja has always been known as the 'Akakage', and Hayabusa's brother is widely considered to be in the running for the next strongest ninja, the next Akakage. For the young Hayabusa, the shadow cast by his brother was as big as a mountain and just as difficult to get out of. But he vowed to himself: "I will follow in my brother's footsteps!". To achieve this goal, Hayabusa began training in earnest, and soon stood head and shoulders above the other disciples. This also put a lot of competitive pressure on the proud Hanabi.

From the first time Hayabusa defeated Hanabi in a trial competition, he gained a rival that would last throughout his childhood. Hanabi would usually greet Hayabusa with a confrontational scowl, and on the night of every full moon did his best to provoke a fight between them. Hayabusa began to tense up a bit, but soon gained confidence after a series of victories. Hanabi's challenges all ended in defeat.

Whenever a day of rest rolled around, Hayabusa would always rush home, as Hanabi stared coldly. Whenever his father was away, Hayabusa would cause a scene and insist his brother take him mountain climbing or fishing. He was usually completely exhausted after returning from missions. But Hayabusa's brother's heart was good, and he always gathered strength to take him on trips - and when Kagura would come to visit, he always tagged along and caused mischief for them too.

Only with his brother Hayabusa who seemed like a carefree little boy. That is, until one day when they were on their way home and he told Hayabusa: "I have to go out. It may be a long time before you see me again..."

Hayabusa understands that you don't question ninjas on their missions. He looked up at his brother's ever-present smile and nodded.

And the days passed, one by one. Holidays came, and went, but Hayabusa saw no sign of his brother. He slowly grew accustomed to living in a house that now lacked family members, growing into an older brother who would take care of Kagura. But deep down, he always longed for his brother's return - "Come back!", he would think; "Look how much I've grown. I've become almost as good as you, now..."

One day, Hayabusa was suddenly called home. His father's face was haggard when he told Hayabusa: "Your brother's mission is now yours to bear. You are now his only son."....

It felt like his whole world was spinning, but Hayabusa became aware of the scandal at Scarlet Shadow: The first Akakage had used a secret art to create Demon Pneuma, an existence created to act as a shadow opponent for use in training. However it came to life, and devoured him; disaster ensued. Eventually Demon Pneuma was sealed away, however a portion of its consciousness managed to escape, and eventually took control of the ninja prodigy, Hanzo - the Shadow of the moment. Hanzo became a demonic form of his former self, stealing Scarlet Shadow's treasure and causing carnage, then escaping.

Hanzo's betrayal has become a major embarrassment to the Shadows. Countless ninja elites were ordered to eradicate this dangerous target, but each met with failure - and Hayabusa's brother was the latest to be sacrificed to the cause.

By this time, Hayabusa was already a teenager. Near the full moon every month, when the competition was held, he and Hanabi would lie on the high rooftops together and gaze at the moon. Sometimes Hanabi would glance at him, saying "I will be the Scarlet leader". And Hayabusa would say too: "I will find that person" - find that evil Hanzo, complete his brother's mission, and become Akakage in his place!

The day of the arrival ceremony happened to coincide with the night of the full moon. Hayabusa caught wind that Hanzo had appeared beyond the Cadia River and knew that it was time for him to bid farewell to Scarlet Shadow.

As had been the service, this was the night where he and Hanabi would test each other on the rooftop. Yet it was her coming-out ceremony; would she come at all? Considering she was a childhood friend, he felt he should give her a farewell.

With his bag packed to the brim, Hayabusa headed out with his emotions in turmoil. He had not walked more than a few steps when the heavy rain and mist suddenly stopped, blocked by the Seimei Umbrella. Kagura approached him, saying, "Hayabusa, I want to go with you too!"

Hayabusa waved a finger at him - "Listen here! This isn't a game, I'm not out for fun!"

Just then, illuminated by a blinding flash of lightning, Hayabusa saw Hanabi stumble. Her face was as white as a sheet. Without thinking, he handed Hanabi a drenched umbrella, yet he walked away hastily as if he hadn't seen her at all. He could do nothing but swallow the farewell he had prepared. On that night Hayabusa bid farewell to his childhood: "Goodbye, Hanabi. Goodbye, Scarlet Shadow... I will begin my journey, forcing myself through the most grueling training, for I must become stronger than my line before me - Hanzo! I will find you and defeat you!

"I have to be an Akakage!"

Skills of Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Passive – Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow

Each Hayabusa skill hit by an opponent causes 1 Shadow Stack. The stack increases the damage of Hayabusa's skills by 5%.

Hayabusa can stack this passive stack up to a maximum of four times.

Prioritize a full stack of Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow before going into battle with the Ultimate skill, Ougi: Shadow Kill.

Skill 1 – Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken

Passive: Hayabusa gains 3% spell vamp every skill level increase.

Hayabusa throws three Shuriken that spread in three directions and return to him. Enemies hit by this Shuriken will be hit with 170 Physical Damage 170 (+70 percent physical attack) and a slow effect. This skill provides 10 energies for each target hit.

This is Hayabusa's main skill. The cooldown is quite low so don't be afraid to spam it in the laning phase.

Skill 2 – Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow

Hayabusa moves in the specified direction and releases a shadow behind him. If he hits an enemy, he will stop and release 3 shadows that move in different directions.

When the shadows hit an enemy hero, they will sweep in, dealing 130 (+30% extra physical ATK) Physical Damage and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

This skill can be used again to teleport to a shadow location. If the phantom is on an enemy hero, Hayabusa will deal an additional 130 (+30% extra physical ATK) Physical Damage to it.

Every time Hayabusa moves using Quad Shadow, the Phantom Shuriken's CD will be reduced by 1 second.

Hayabusa will throw four shadows, one behind and three in front. You have to remember where the shadows are. Try not to panic and you don't have to use them all at once either.

It's not easy to master teleporting from one shadow to another, so we recommend practicing against the AI or in Classic mode to boost your confidence.

Ultimate – Ougi: Shadow Kill

Hayabusa transforms into a shadow and moves quickly across the battlefield, dealing 5 attacks on a single target. Each attack deals 180 (+90% extra physical ATK) Physical Damage.

The best time to use Ougi: Shadow Kill is when the enemy is alone or when Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow reaches max stack.

Pros and Cons of Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Pros of Hayabusa di Mobile Legends

1. High Burst Damage Attack

Hayabusa is one of the assassin heroes that has a high burst damage attack, the attack can be obtained from the Shadow Kill ultimate skill and skill 1 Phantom Shuriken which provides a fast burst attack at close range. In a one-on-one situation, this hero has a high chance of winning.

2. Best Skill Escape Mechanism 

Next, Hayabusa has an excellent Escape Mechanism skill, which proves that he is a ninja who can move quickly and flexibly. With Hayabusa's second skill called Quad Shadow, Hayabusa can divide four shadows where each of these shadows Hayabusa can telepathize quickly and easily.

3. Easy on Farming / Clear Wave

With the Shadow Kill skill, Hayabusa is able to clear waves or beg very quickly, this has also become a habit for Hayabusa users to use the ultimate to clear the lane, besides being able to quickly do this, Hayabusa can also move to another position and continue farming to level up quickly.

4. One-on-One Champion

Hayabusa is a very strong hero, especially when one on one, this hero is difficult to attack by melee heroes and tends to attack suddenly. The combination of Hayabusa's skills can help you to ambush opponents who are solo laning, this is often used, especially Hayabusa users in Mobile Legends.

5. Very Strong in Late Game

Hayabusa is an assassin hero that has low mobility in the early game and is very strong in the late game, thanks to the finished build and sharply increased attack capabilities. This hero is even difficult when solo laning before level 4 but will be very deadly after reaching max level or late game in Mobile Legends.

Cons of Hayabusa di Mobile Legends

1. Low Durability

As you know, not only advantages, Hayabusa foam also has weaknesses in its very low durability, this is understandable because Hayabusa is an assassin hero, where every assassin has thin blood and makeshift defense. Therefore, playing Hayabusa will focus on farming in the early game and being aggressive in the late game.

2. Highly Energy Consuming

Hayabusa is one of the heroes that uses energy as its use, just like fanny, Hayabusa is also very wasteful in terms of energy, you can use the blue buff to overcome this, but of course this wasteful energy problem is one of the weaknesses of Hayabusa in Mobile Legends.

3. Not Suitable for Teamfights

Unlike the Ling or Fanny heroes who are teamfight specialists, Hayabusa is a hero who is active in solo laning, solo ganking and solo kill, this hero has a very supportive combination in doing things independently, with a combination attack of skill 2> Ultimate Skill and Skill 1 able to make enemies who are alone die instantly. However, it must be noted that when playing team fights you must target one core hero first and do not use the ultimate in a crowd of many opponents

4. Highly Team-Dependent

Hayabusa is very dependent on the team, especially when Hayabusa, if this one hero is not the main core hero or feeder in the mid-game, Hayabusa is not able to dominate the match, there must be other heroes that help, especially marksman heroes as damage dealers when Hayabusa is not so or tanks that serve as damage receivers that can help him only focus on targeting core heroes.

5. Easy-to-Counter Ultimate Skill

The last Hayabusa weakness is in his ultimate skill which is easy to counter. You need to know, Hayabusa's ultimate skill is very effective when attacking only one hero, if there are minions or jungles when you attack the opposing hero, the skill will attack whatever is in the target you specify so that the damage received will be very small. Therefore, try to activate the ultimate when the opponent's position is alone without any minions, jungle or other heroes so that it gives high burst damage.

Most Painful of Emblem & Build Ling (Full Damage)

1. Sky Piercer

+60 Adaptive Attack

+15 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Lethality: After dealing damage to an enemy hero, executes the hero if their HP is lower than 4%. Gains 10 stack(s) of Lethality for each kill and loses 30% current stack(s) for each death. Each stack of Lethality increases the HP threshold of the execute effect by 0.1%, stacking up 80 times.

2. Hunter Strike

+80 Physical Attack

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Attribute: +15 Physical Penetration

Unique Passive - Retribution: Deals damage to an enemy hero or Creep for 5 times in a row and improves Movement Speed by 50% that decays rapidly over 3 seconds. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown.

3. Endless Battle

+60 Physical Attack

+250 HP

+10% Cooldown Reduction

+8% Hybrid Lifesteal

+5% Movement Speed

+5 Mana Regen

Unique Passive - Divine Justice: After casting a skill, the next Basic Attack within 3 seconds deals 60% Physical Attack as extra True Damage (1.5 seconds cooldown).

Unique Passive - Chase Fate: Triggering Divine Justice grants 10% extra Movement Speed.

4. Sea Halberd

+80 Physical Attack

+20% Attack Speed

Unique Passive - Lifebane: Dealing damage to a target will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effects on them to 50% of normal for 3 seconds.

Unique Passive - Punish: Increase damage by 8% against enemy heroes with higher extra HP.

5. Rose Gold Meteor

+60 Physical Attack

+23 Magic Defense

+10% Lifesteal

Unique Passive - Lifeline: When taking damage that reduces HP below 30%, gains a 770(+70*Hero Level) shield (increases with level) and 50% Movement Speed that rapidly decays over 3 seconds. This effect has a 60 seconds cooldown.


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