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Perfectly Perfect Lyrics - Cinderella III A Twist in Time

 [Cinderella:] What a perfectly perfect life

It's a fairytale come true

I'm a princess and a wife

All because I fit a shoe

When I dreamed of love

Who'd have guessed I'd end up here

At the end of a perfectly perfect year

Oh, what a wonderfully perfectly perfect year

[Anastasia & Drizella:] Why should we have to do the chores

[Drizella:] I would rather rot in jail

[Anastasia:] Washing dishes and scrubbing floors

[Drizella:] Oh, that's just great, I broke a nail

[Anastasia & Drizella:] Cinderella is in the palace

Living a life of luxury

And we've not once been invited to a ball

[Drizella:] Or even tea

[Anastasia:] Why don't I get a happy ending

Where's the prince who'll marry me

[Anastasia & Drizella:] When will this horrible nightmare disappear

Oh, what a perfectly miserably awful year

[Anastasia:] Somewhere there must be someone who'll love me

And show me a world that I never knew

He'll ask for my hand

And I'll say "I do"

Oh, wouldn't it be finer than fine

If that perfectly perfect love were mine

[Fairy Godmother:] He's a perfectly charming prince

She's a charmingly perfect lass

[Jaq:] They've lived happily ever since

She fit the slipper

[Gus:] Made of glass

[Fairy Godmother:] The time is drawing near

[Godmother & mice:] To celebrate a perfectly perfect year

[Jaq & Gus:] A perfect anniversary party

That we planned for you

[Fairy Godmother:] And I threw in some magic

With a bibidi-bobidi-boo

Just like the night I sent you to the ball

[Godmother & mice:] On this perfectly perfect day

There is magic in the air

[Anastasia:] Gee, I wonder if that old lady

Has a wand that she could spare

[Cinderella & Prince:] What could ever come between us

[Anastasia:] I would gladly volunteer

[Fairy Godmother:] And as for the future

Well, it's perfectly clear

[Godmother & mice:] It's sure to be another


[Anastasia:] Tragically

[Godmother & mice:] Perfectly perfect year

[Anastasia:] Perfect!

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