Animals Story - The Arrogant Caterpillar

In a dense forest, two caterpillars lived. One was named Dippy who was friendly, humble and kind. The other was named Millie who was arrogant and liked to look down on other animals.

One day, when Dippy was looking for food, he met Millie.

"Hi Millie, can I have some of your food?" pleaded Dippy.

"Hey, Dippy, this is my food and it's mine. Go find something else to eat!" Millie snapped.

"B-well..." Dippy bowed and walked away.

Another day, there will be a forest party. All the animals were invited. Bathi, the owl nimbly distributed the leaf invitations at night and placed them on the doorsteps of the animals.

The next day, there were cheers from the animals.

"Fun! There must be lots of food! I can eat all I want!" cheered Citya the kitten.

"I can eat grains too, right? Oh yeah, all you caterpillars, don't worry, I won't eat you!" screeched Chady the rooster.

Dippy just smiled at his friends' statement.

But suddenly...

"Ah, it's just a small party! You'll see, someday, I'll have a bigger party!" Millie haughtily said.

"Millie! You can't do that!" exclaimed Poky, the sun bear.

"Huh! Let it go!" replied Millie as he left.

A few days later, Millie and Dippy were already cocoons. They lived their lives as normal cocoons.

A few weeks later, they emerged from their cocoons. Unexpectedly, Millie's wings turned out to be black! While Dippy's were colorful.

Millie knew this was the result of his arrogance. He was very sorry.

The life lesson: Never be arrogant


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