How to Overcome Learning Difficulties of Hyperactive Children

Parents with children who experience 'special' conditions including hyperactivity are parents who have great patience and great souls. Often children with hyperactive conditions will have difficulty in adjusting and learning. So, is there a way to overcome the learning difficulties of hyperactive children?

For parents who feel they have a hyperactive child, on this occasion we will share information about the right way to deal with it. So, let’s check these out!

1. Improve your knowledge of your child's condition

Parenting, educating and raising children is not easy especially for parents with different children's conditions.

But don't be discouraged. God gave you a 'special' child because He knew you were capable. So, start telling yourself that you are strong, your child is great, and arm yourself with more knowledge about your child's condition.

You can also ask your child's condition to a pediatric therapist, gain knowledge through books, websites or YouTube. Expand your knowledge and network.

2. Build a structured and organized child's life

Hyperactive children will usually struggle if they have to go through different days, and different routines. They are more adapted to structured, neat, and organized routines.

Therefore, help your children manage their lives. Help them schedule their daily agenda neatly. Give short, specific and structured instructions to hyperactive children too.

3. Choose a 'special' school for your child

Aware of the 'different' condition of children, the schools that children need are also different. This is certainly an important aspect that parents must realize.

Therefore, choose the right school for your child. Don't force your child to go to a normal school because your child's ability and the ability of normal children must be different.

Children need to adjust between the environment, themselves, and the teaching and learning process in the classroom so that they are not left behind and get special attention. Therefore, start looking for special schools for children and support their education to the fullest.

4. Inform the school and teachers of the child's condition.

Even if the child is already attending a special school, parents should still try to ensure that the child is doing well at school. One way is to inform the school about the child's condition.

Kindly ask teachers and school authorities to help parents look after the child while at school and teach him patiently.

5. Help your child organize all their needs

Hyperactive children have a tendency to find it difficult to organize things. Therefore, don't be reluctant to organize all your child's needs and make a daily schedule for him/her.

If necessary, make a schedule of your child's activities in a small notebook and stick it on their study table. Also, prepare all the necessary school and study equipment and supplies.

6. Help with children's tasks

If the child gets an assignment from his teacher or school, help him to complete it. Usually, hyperactive children tend to find it difficult to start doing the task, so start taking the initiative to accompany them to start doing the task. Accompany him to do the task until it is finished.

7. Help your child develop self-confidence

Hyperactive children don't mean they don't have passions, interests and talents. So, start analyzing and finding out what your child's passions, interests and talents are.

Help them to develop all their strengths, foster self-confidence in them, and facilitate them with tools, equipment, or equipment that support their interests and talents.

8. Provide moral support to the child

Not only material support is needed by children, but moral support also needs to be given to children to overcome all the difficulties they experience.

Some forms of moral support that can be provided are:

  • Ask about his activities at school
  • Ask what the difficulties during learning are
  • Give praise if he/she successfully completes a task well

Such conversations make children feel included, cared for, and appreciated for their efforts even though sometimes parents must realize that the results are not very optimal. Accept all their efforts, give the best support and appreciation possible.

That's a little information that we can share regarding how to overcome the learning difficulties of hyperactive children. Hopefully what we have said above will be an inspiring review and bring benefits.


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