Animals Story - The Arrogant Turtle

Once upon a time, there was a turtle who was quite conceited and believed he was meant to soar in the skies rather than swim in the waters. He was burdened by his hard shell, which made him feel unbearably heavy.

He envied his friends who swam with ease and grew even more envious of the birds gliding freely above.

One day, he convinced a goose to assist him in his quest to fly. The goose, without hesitation, agreed and proposed that the turtle grip a stick that he would carry aloft.

The turtle, with weak hands, opted to use his stronger mouth instead. And so, he experienced the thrill of flight, boasting to his swimming friends below, "Look at me, I can fly!"

But in his excitement, he forgot he had to hold onto the stick with his mouth. He plummeted to the ground, but fortunately, his despised shell saved him from harm.

The life lesson: It's important to appreciate what we have, including our limbs, as each one serves a purpose that aids us in our daily lives.


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