Animals Story - The Dove's Envy

All day long, the Dove has been jealous of the Canary. The Dove feels that it has less corn than the Canary. The Dove thinks its owner doesn't love it anymore.

"My owner loves Canary more," thought the Dove as he watched his owner put more corn in the Canary's feeder. The Dove was sad.

He wanted to escape from the cage. But he didn't want to, because tomorrow there was a dove racing race to participate in. He was determined to win the race so he could make his owner proud.

Suddenly, the Dove heard a sound in the cucumber garden behind the house. She saw the deer who was about to pick some cucumbers.

“Hey deer…” called the Dove.

The Deer was surprised to be caught by the Dove.

"Sorry, I'm hungry. I'll bring the seeds instead," said the Deer quietly.

"No, I need your advice," said the Dove.

The Deer then approached the Dove's cage. The Dove told him about her worries. The Deer listened carefully to the Dove's complaint.

After the Dove finished telling her story, the Deer made a suggestion.

"Don't be like that Dove, maybe your owner doesn't want you to get too fat."

"So, what if I get fat later?"

You'll fly slow."

Dove shook her head. "That's impossible. I can fly even faster," said the Dove arrogantly.

The Deer just smiled and left. However, then Dove stopped him.

"Deer, where are you going?"

"Go back to the forest. I gave you the advice you wanted."

"That's not the advice I want."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want to eat more corn like Canary."

The Deer thought for a moment. Then he said, "You eat in Canary's cage."


"You persuade Canary to swap cages while eating corn."

The Dove nodded. The Deer took his leave.

After the Deer left, the Dove persuaded Canary to switch places during the meal. Canary was not willing at first. But because the Dove kept insisting, Canary was forced to comply.

The next day after the owner left after feeding the corn. Dove and Canary exchanged cages. In Canary's cage, Dove ate a large amount of corn. The Dove became full. With great difficulty, Dove returned to his cage.

Shortly afterwards, the owner took the well-fed Dove out of the cage. Then he took him to the dove racing competition.

Unfortunately, in the race the dove, which was still full, could not fly fast enough and lost. The owner returned home with a sad face. The dove was returned to its cage.

In her cage, the Dove seemed to regret not taking the Deer's advice. She told Canary about her defeat.

"Dove, you should not be jealous. Our owner has deliberately given you a little corn so that you can fly fast and win," chirped Canary from inside his cage.

The Dove was ashamed and saddened to hear this. He regretted something that was of no use.

The Life lesson: Never be jealous of other people's advantages and always be grateful.


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