Animals Story - A Dog's Moved

The morning was so broken with the dog's feeling of instilling his heart in the butterflies that were dancing in the garden while the dog was guarding the house of his employer named Mr. Bobby. The dog's sadness came when the butterfly's dance became more beautiful and cuter.

The dog tried to imitate the butterfly's dance but could not achieve it. The dog said.

"Why can't I be like them, when Mr. Bobby says I'm beautiful?" said the dog in annoyance.

"I'm useless if I can't dance." The dog kept trying to imitate the butterfly, but he still couldn't.

The dog was crying with emotion. The butterfly caught the sound of the dog crying and approached him.

"Dog, why are you crying?" asked the butterfly.

"I can't dance and fly like you! My master says I'm very beautiful." The dog replied. The butterfly tried to advise the dog. Not long after, it started to rain. The butterfly and her friends immediately went to find shelter.

After a few days. The dog destroyed the garden around Mr. Bobby's house, so that butterfly and her friends could no longer dance in the garden. After a while, the butterfly came with her friends. When the butterfly saw the dog destroying the garden, she became angry.

"Wait..., why are you destroying the garden here?" asked the butterfly.

"So what, this is my employer's garden, not yours?"

"It's not my garden! But you've ruined an innocent plant!" The argument grew louder, but died down a little when Mr. Bobby arrived, angry at the sight of his beautiful garden in disarray.

"Who ruined my garden?" asked Mr. Bobby. The dog then admitted that he had damaged the garden. He also gave the reason.

It turned out that the dog had assumed that the butterfly had stolen the honey from the flower. Mr. Bobby smiled and explained that butterflies do not steal honey. Being good at dancing, flying and sucking honey is the nature of every butterfly. The dog now realized his mistake. He immediately apologized to Butterfly and his friends, as well as to Mr. Bobby.


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