How to Use the Fanny Magic Chess Commander Skill - Mobile Legends

Commander Fanny in Magic Chess is considered the most meta commander. Utilizing Commander Fanny provides the advantage of easily gaining an extra hero to achieve up to three additional synergies. All of Commander Fanny's skills operate similarly by feeding heroes, which can also be viewed as a form of sacrifice. When deploying Fanny on the far-left side, where all the heroes are placed, a specially shaped box known as the launcher will appear.

At the start of each game, the launcher may request a randomly selected Hero to be used as a sacrifice. The functionality of the launcher varies, depending on the skills Fanny offers for your use.

Here are some ways to use the Commander Fanny Magic Chess skill:

1. Skill 1 Hero Launcher

Later, Fanny may request a Hero with random provisions to be used as tributes. If you purchase a Hero and place it in the launcher box as a sacrifice, you will be refunded the money spent on the Hero purchase. Additionally, you will receive a bonus of 4 gold. When the launcher is active, its function is to deploy the Hero you have placed onto the battlefield.

For instance, in Commander, reaching level 4 signifies that you have deployed four Heroes on the battlefield. Adding another Hero to the Hero launcher box means that at the battle's onset, the already positioned heroes will be catapulted onto the battlefield, thereby increasing the number of heroes available to join the war.

The weakness of using this skill from every hero synergy that has been thrown on the battlefield does not count towards adding to your synergy.


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2. Skill 2 Synergy Launcher

Fanny requires two heroes to be sacrificed at random. The heroes chosen for sacrifice will yield gold, which is then returned with an additional bonus of 4 gold. When the launcher is active, it provides extra synergy to the already placed heroes. Unlike skill 1 of the synergy launcher, the Hero does not engage in the battlefield combat. Instead, only the synergy is considered later. This is particularly advantageous in metas with abundant synergy.

3. Skill 3 Super Launcher

This ultimate skill belongs to Fanny, who can request three randomly selected heroes. Each hero sacrificed allows gold to be reclaimed with an additional 2 gold bonus. When the launcher is active, it operates on a principle that combines skill 1 and skill 2. Thus, the hero placed on the launcher is catapulted onto the battlefield with an extra 25% HP, and their synergy is still considered.

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Fanny, a Little Commander in Magic Chess from Mobile Legends, possesses highly effective skills that boost the odds of victory in games. Her primary benefit is her ability to offer extra slots, which permits a greater number of heroes to engage in battle. For instance, even at level 7, we can deploy eight heroes due to the extra slot. It's this benefit that makes Fanny a popular choice among Magic Chess players.

However, the use of Fanny requires learning and practice so that her abilities can be maximized properly. Here are four ways to use Commander Fanny Magic Chess Mobile Legends:

To unlock Skill 3, Fanny's most powerful ability, it is crucial to consistently use Fanny in every Magic Chess match. Unlocking Skill 3 allows the addition of heroes to the available slots, complete with blood enhancements and synergy calculations.

To utilize the extra slots, heed Fanny's special request. Access to these slots requires presenting three consecutive heroes: one with a white star, followed by one with a green star, and ending with a blue star. Once these conditions are met, the extra slots become available for expanding our hero lineup.

Assign heroes with high survivability to the extra slot. Ideally, opt for a hero with a substantial health pool for this position. The system will then automatically position these heroes in the front line, enhancing their ability to endure the enemy's assaults. Consequently, it is prudent to choose a hero with strong defensive capabilities for the extra slot.

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