Animals Story - The Elephant, The Buffalo and The Tiger

Deep in the forest, a buffalo was on a mission to recruit an elephant buddy for a grand feast quest. After much trekking, the buffalo's face broke into a grin upon sighting an elephant. The elephant, thrilled at the prospect, nodded in agreement. However, destiny threw in a twist; the buffalo bumped into a tiger before he could team up with the elephant. Embracing the spirit of friendship, the buffalo roped in the tiger to their food-finding fellowship. Now a dynamic trio, the buffalo, the elephant, and the tiger embarked on their epic forage, ready to outwit their fellow forest dwellers and feast together.

As the sun rises and sets, the animal realm embarks on an epic scavenger hunt for food. They're gobbling up everything from luscious fruits to the more elusive small creatures. Then there's the tiger, who, in an act of sheer executive prowess, hands over the chore of dividing the feast to a buffalo. This buffalo, obsessed with equity, splits the bounty into perfect thirds. Yet, the tiger, ever the drama king, pounces on the buffalo in defiance, causing the food supply to inexplicably double. Still not content, the tiger appoints the elephant as the new food allocator. But, true to form, the tiger attacks the elephant as well. It appears that this tiger's voraciousness is rivaled only by his lofty aspirations, as he escalates a simple mealtime into an all-out 'food war'.

The moral of the animal's story example above is not to be greedy and lacking so as not to be shunned by others. Because one day we will need the help of others too. But in the end other people don't want to help us.


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