How To Get Dark Elixir Quickly - Clash of Clans

If you're at Town Hall 8 and struggling to gather dark elixir for upgrading your Golem to level 2, Hog Rider to level 4, or even your Barbarian King to level 10, or if you're at Town Hall 9 and solely depending on the dark elixir drill, I have some tips to share. Here's how you can obtain dark elixir swiftly and economically:

1. Upgrade Dark Elixir Drill to the Maximum Level.
With the maximal dark elixir drill, you can earn as much as 1080 a day at TH 7, 2160 a day at TH 8 and even up to 4800 per day at TH9. Let's imagine the income we can receive per day.

2. Farm in the Crystal League for Dark Elixir bonuses
I know that farming for dark elixir bonuses in the Crystal league is much more difficult than in the Gold or Silver League. But I dismiss that assumption, it's not that hard!!! You must really find a strong base and always be active because after logging off, you will get a heavy attack. To get bonuses you can look for villages that have TH outside. Let's assume, if you get 5 TH outside a day you will get more than 1000 per day.

3. Set up the Dark Elixir Storage layout
By rearranging the location of your dark elixir storage, it will reduce the loss of more dark elixir. Place your dark elixir storage in the center and protected by defensive buildings such as x-bow or inferno tower or clan castle if you already have one.

By following the three simple tips above, I think there is no reason for you to have trouble getting dark elixir. So, you can quickly upgrade Golem Level 4, or Hog Rider Level 4.

I will show you one of the deceptive tricks, which is how to get dark elixir for free. Not from the dark elixir drill but from the dark barracks. So how do you do it? Let me share the tricks right away. Follow the steps below. To get free elixir in this game, you must have a dark barrack, minions, hog riders, golems or other tropes in the dark barrack, and a laboratory. The darker elixir you spend, the bigger your profit will be. Here are the steps:
  1. Let's say you're upgrading a level 3 golem in the lab
  2. Fill your army camp full of level 3 golems
  3. In addition to fully filling your army camp, you also fill the dark barracks until the golems can't get out.
  4. Once the golem upgrade is complete, you can sell the golem with level 4 in your dark barracks by removing it. You will get an additional dark elixir that costs more than the cost of making it.
  5. In conclusion, you buy a level 3 golem while you can later sell it again with a level 4 golem.
  6. Enjoy your free dark elixir!!!

There are more and more deceptive tricks in Clash of Clans, soon if I find any more, I will share it with you...


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