Animals Story - The Story of the Greedy Crocodile

On the banks of the river there was a crocodile that was starving, it had been three days that the crocodile had not eaten his stomach felt so bad that he did not want to eat today because otherwise he might die of hunger. The crocodile immediately entered the river and swam slowly down the river looking for prey.

The crocodile saw a duck swimming in the river, the duck knew he was being watched by the crocodile, so he immediately pulled over. Seeing his prey about to run away, the Crocodile gave chase and finally caught the Duck.

Crocodile, please don't prey on me, I have little meat, why don't you just goat in the forest," he said while crying in fear.

"Okay, now you take me to where the Goat is hiding," ordered the crocodile, showing its razor-sharp fangs.

Not far from that place was a green field where goats feed, and sure enough there were many goats eating grass.

"Go away, I want to eat goats instead," the happy duck ran at full speed.

After lurking for a while, the Crocodile finally found a Goat kid that he was ready to eat. "Please, don't eat me, I don't have much meat, I'm still small, why don't you eat the elephant which has more meat, I can take you there".

"Okay, take me there immediately!" The Goat kid took the crocodile to the edge of a large lake, where there was a big Elephant kid. The crocodile immediately chased and bit the Elephant calf's leg. Although it was big, the Elephant's skin was very thick, so it couldn't hurt it.

The elephant calf screamed for help from its mother. The Crocodile kept trying to knock the Elephant calf down, but alas, it could not. Hearing the child's cry, a group of Elephants came and stomped on the Crocodile until it could not breathe. The crocodile couldn't fight back, because the mother Elephant was so big, plus she was also weak because she hadn't eaten. The crocodile ran out of energy and died.

The moral message and lesson we can take is that if we have received anything even if it is small or even if it is a little thankful and grateful for what we have got.


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