Animals Story - The Owl and The Grasshopper

Legend tells of an ancient tree, home to a fierce and irritable owl. These birds loathe any disruption to their daytime slumber. Come nightfall, they stir, their calls piercing the silence as they hunt insects, frogs, mice, and beetles.

During one sweltering summer afternoon, an owl nestled within a tree's hollow sought rest. But a grasshopper's song abruptly shattered the peace. The perturbed bird demanded the insect's departure.

"Scram, grasshopper! Have you no respect for an elder's rest?" the owl barked.

The grasshopper retorted sharply, claiming his share of the tree and sang even louder. The owl, realizing the futility of debate and hindered by daylight myopia, devised a cunning plan.

"Listen, grasshopper, your song would be a delight if I weren't so weary. There are succulent leaves here. Why not come and enhance your melody with these grapes?" the owl coaxed sweetly.

Swayed by the owl's guile, the grasshopper leapt into the nest. With the prey now in clear sight, the owl swiftly seized and devoured the unsuspecting grasshopper.

A valuable life lesson: Avoid waking others from their sleep, as it could be risky for you.


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