Froggie in the Bathtub Lyrics

 I was playin with my froggie in the bathtub

On one very cold and rainy day

I was playin with my froggie in the bathtub

When, woops, he jumped and got away

My froggie is swimmin' in the bathtub

If you've ever been sittin' there you'll know

So if you feel a little splash (Woo!)

Or hear a little croak (Ribbet!)

It's just my froggie doin' the backstroke

Someone thought they saw him in the laundry

Once he ate up half the cookie jar

But playing in the depths of the bathtub

It's his absolute favorite place by far

Well that is the story of my froggie

He may not ever be seen again

So when you're sittin' in the bathtub

Doin what ya gotta do

Just remember my little song

And remember my froggie too

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