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How to Attack Using Golems- Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, Golems are formidable defensive troops, boasting 9,200 Hitpoints at level 13. These creatures resemble massive, ambulatory rock piles. Upon their destruction, a Golem detonates and splits into two smaller entities known as Golemites, each with one-fifth the Hitpoints of the original Golem. I will share insights on Golems and their strategic utilization in warfare.

All About GOLEM

  • You can have Golems if your Dark Barrack has reached Level 4.
  • Golem will break into 2 small golems called Golemites if he dies. They will work like a Golem.
  • Golemites have one-fifth the HP of their father's Golem.
  • Because Golems are very heavy, Spring Trap has no effect on them. So, it can't make them bounce.
  • Golems only attack ground units / ground troops (cannot attack air troops)
  • The Golem's Favourite Target is the Defense Building closest to it
  • Lastly about Golem, he is a Stone

Golem cons

  • Golem has a fairly expensive upgrade price
  • The Golem upgrade time can be quite lengthy.
  • Long training time
  • Golem moves slowly and takes a long time to execute attacks.
  • Requires a lot of space for 1 golem which is 30 space army

Due to these shortcomings, Golems are seldom deployed in attacks on Town Hall 10 and higher, which demand precision and swift troop reactions. Golems are slow to respond, and once they encounter a wall, they're essentially immobilized. For Town Hall 10 and beyond, Valkyries are preferred for their speed and power.

Golem Pros

  • Has high Health Points, making it difficult to kill.
  • Even after death, Golem can still destroy defense buildings with 2 golemites.
With its enormous strength, Golem is usually used as a shield/protector for other troops in carrying out attacks. With a very good combination, the Golem's presence in battle will be more ferocious in destroying the opponent's base camp. You can combine Golem with Valkyrie to destroy TH 10 and above. See the video above you will be clearer.

Strategy for Attacking with Golems

Golems are the most powerful troops when under attack. Because of this strength, they are often used as shields or large fortresses in all attack strategies. This strategy is very effective in Clash of Clans. If you are using golems, I recommend you do a combination of: GoWiPe, GoWiWi, HoGoWiWiPe and many others. You can read about them in the Strategy column.
  1. Use the Golem as a shield when you attack. While the enemy defense buildings are beating on the Golem, you can release high DPS troops such as Wizzard and Witch.
  2. Always bring troops that have high DPS when attacking
  3. Since golems are not affected by Spring Trap, you can release golems at the beginning so that Spring Trap will be lost to Golems.
  4. Use Spell Freeza when your golem is targeted by Inferno Tower. Because the golem's weakness is the Inferno tower so use Spell Freeze when your golem is attacked.


Defense against Golem attacks

  1. Because Golems have high HP, you should place your defense buildings close together. So that your defense buildings can focus on destroying the Golem.
  2. Try to arrange your base layout, so that the golems take a long time to destroy your defense buildings. You can use walls to slow down the golem.
  3. Request Clans Castle troops that are archers or Wizards from your clanmates, so that they can attack the Golems from the inside.

This article aims to be helpful, providing insights on Golems and their strategic use in various attacks.


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