How to Deal with a Spoiled Child

Every parent desire to give their children the best in terms of education, nutrition, environment, and the development of religious values and character. However, it sometimes happens that some children become spoiled and overly demanding. Dealing with such children requires understanding what they want excessively and how to address it effectively.

On this occasion we will discuss it. There are several ways that parents can do to overcome spoiled attitudes and want a lot of children to do so. So, check the information first!

The characteristics of spoiled children

Spoiled attitude to children is actually a natural thing. Children who are unable to express what they want will sometimes like to cry and show their spoiled attitude.

However, if it is excessive, of course it must be overcome because otherwise this attitude will become a bad habit which results in him not being able to live and behave independently in his life.

There are several characteristics of spoiled attitudes in children who are already in an alarming phase and must be overcome. Some of these characteristics include:

-Have a selfish attitude and always want to win on your own

-Whine, cry or even get angry if their request is not complied with

-Never feel satisfied with what he has and with his parents' gifts


-Highly dependent on parents

-Likes to blame others if they are guilty or make mistakes

-Stubborn and willing to win on their own

-Being manipulative in order to get what he wants

-Can't accept defeat

-Willing to do something only if given a reward

Does your child experience two, three or more of the above characteristics? That means you have to immediately overcome the spoiled and much wanted habits.

How to Deal with Spoiled Children 

1. Give an explanation of their behavior

Dealing with spoiled children and many wants is not an easy thing. However, this attitude does not mean that it can only be silenced without parents taking action.

One of the actions that parents can do as a way to deal with spoiled children and many wants is to give a simple explanation of their attitude. Give a rational explanation and he can understand it.

Such a simple explanation can be applied to any context. Children will usually understand better why their parents don't allow them to do something with a rational explanation. So, continue to explain to the child the decision that the parent wants to take.

2. Involve children in various social activities

When a child always gets what he wants, he can become spoiled and have a high ego to get more. So that the child is not like that, get used to being involved if there are social activities being carried out.

For example, sharing with children in orphanages, sharing food with friends who do not bring provisions, sharing food with beggars and so on. Also teach when sharing that the items that must be distributed are items that are still good and not damaged.

Make sure to also give an understanding that there are many children out there who are still lacking and do not have a life as good as our child's life, so that he will understand more about how to behave if he is in an excessive condition.

3. Teach children to be grateful

When the child already has a toy and he wants a new toy again, try to explain that the toy is still good and there are many of them.

Teach your child to appreciate the toys he has bought and use them as best he can. Teach children to be grateful for what they have now.

4. Be consistent with the established rules

If your parents have established a rule, try to apply it consistently. Suppose you already have a rule at afternoon that children must study.

Even if he's engrossed in playing with friends or doing any other activity, reassure him that he should study during those hours. In addition to these rules, other rules must also be carried out by all family members consistently.

5. Don't protect your child too often

When your child makes a mistake, tell him that he is wrong. When he is wrong, don't protect him. Let him feel the consequences for his mistake. Such parental behavior is very important to support the growth of children's character.

6. Get used to saying no if the child's request cannot be complied with

For example, when a child is 10 years old, he wants to have a motorbike because he sees that his friends have a motorcycle.

Tell him that he can't have it because having a motorbike must have a driver's license while a 10-year-old child doesn't have a driver's license so he can't have a motorbike.

So, if there is a child's desire that is felt unnatural and the parents cannot comply with it, say no clearly and the reason.

7. Avoid giving gifts too often for no apparent reason

Not having a birthday, not getting good grades, not ranking in class or whatever it is and then suddenly the child is given a gift?

This kind of attitude is very unacceptable because it can foster an apathetic spirit in children. Children can also feel that whatever they want can be easily obtained if parents give them gifts too often.

Meanwhile, as a preventive measure to prevent children from becoming spoiled personalities and wanting a lot, you can educate them from an early age. 

That's a little information that we can share regarding how to deal with spoiled children and many of them that are right and can be done. Hopefully the information above will be positive and inspirational information, moms and dads!


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