How to Educate Children When They Already Know Cellphones

The introduction of cellphones to children comes with a myriad of potential outcomes, both beneficial and detrimental. Consequently, it is crucial for parents to comprehend the methods of educating children about cellphone usage.

By understanding how to limit the use of gadgets in children, parents can prevent children from the danger of addiction.

Educating children who are already familiar with cellphones involves guiding them on how to use this technology responsibly. Here is comprehensive and beneficial information that we can provide for you!

1. Discipline the use of gadgets by making rules

The initial step in educating children about cellphones is to establish rules regarding gadget usage. These rules should be followed by all family members, including both parents.

It is important to introduce children to boundaries and to give children an example that mothers and fathers not only make rules but also participate in implementing them.

These rules about discipline can also be adjusted to your parenting style. For example, children can play gadgets when gathering with family or just before bedtime. The rest of the time he must carry out his activities normally and should not be too attached to gadgets.

If you are working on gadgets, it's important to explain to the child that you're not simply playing on your phones but are working to earn money. This way, the child will comprehend the roles and responsibilities of both parents.

2. Avoid using gadgets or cellphones as a 'solution so that children don't fussily'

"Don't fuss, here's the mobile phone!"

"Ouch, ouch, stop crying honey, let's watch cartoon on our mobile phones!"

"Don't cry, just play mobile phones again!"

Ultimate sentences like the example above are effective in getting the child to shut up and stop crying, but in the long run, it's not good.

Don't use mobile phones as a weapon to prevent your child from crying or fussing because in the future, if your child wants to play mobile phones, the weapon he/she will also use to be obeyed is by fussing or crying.

If that's the case, moms and dads will not be able to refuse children who whine and fuss about asking to play mobile phones because they are used to it. So don't ever say those ultimate words, moms!

Quoted from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that parents help their children recognize and cope with their own emotions. Children need to know how to calm themselves down, channel their emotions when they are happy, angry or sad, and overcome their boredom in a positive way.

It is very important to form a positive personality in children and prevent them from doing bad things.

3. Limit children's screen time

Screen time is the time spent interacting with television screens, mobile phones, video games, or even mobile phones.

For children, it is better to limit screen time to no more than 2 hours per day. The reason is simple because the more time children stare at the screen, the greater the chance of getting information that is not age appropriate.

In addition, staring at a screen for too long can also compromise a child's eye health. Therefore, limitation is very important.

4. Balance real and virtual playtime

So, introducing cyberspace such as the use of mobile phones is allowed, it is also part of education to children. But it must be balanced with activities in the real world. In addition, children must also be given an understanding of the functions and dangers.

5. Provide assistance when children play mobile phones

Accompanying children's activities with mobile phones is an effective solution to educate children when they are familiar with and even operate mobile phones. By providing assistance, parents also know what sources, applications, or sites their children are watching.

6. Communicate everything with your child

Communication is key to the relationship between parents and children. Therefore, teach children how to tell their parents, how to report when something happens that they don't like, and how to inform their feelings.

7. Provide education

Education is vital for parents to give their children an understanding of what is important, what is not important, what they can do, and what they can't do with their gadgets.

Parents can provide education in between the use of mobile phones or when there is a special time to chat with children.

This method is very effective not only to get closer to the child, but also to inform important things so that the child can reflexively set limits for himself in all matters.

This is how to educate children when they know mobile phones that need to be known. Hopefully the information we can provide above will be inspiring and useful.



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