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Bruno is a Mobile Legends hero who occupies the Marksman role from Brazil. If we look at this hero, we can conclude that Bruno is a professional footballer. But apparently Bruno's story in Mobile Legends is not like that. Because the story is told that both of Bruno's legs must be amputated. Thanks to the concoction of scientists, they managed to create a pair of synthetic legs for Bruno. In addition, Bruno also made an Energy Ball which will be his main weapon in fighting the invaders who are trying to disturb the order of his residence.

The Story of Bruno Mobile Legends 

Growing up in the slums, Bruno was always thinner than his peers. This never stopped him from having a heart filled with freedom. However, after a tragic accident, Bruno lost both his legs while saving his friend's life. Unfortunately, this event caused Bruno to lose all hope of life.

Moved by Bruno's inspiring tale, scientists from Antoinerei commended his bravery and sympathized with the tragic event he endured. Driven by deep compassion, they harnessed Antoinerei's cutting-edge technology to craft a synthetic leg for Bruno.

As Bruno took his initial strides, the unfamiliar sensation of his synthetic legs surprised him, yet he was astounded by his ability to run as if soaring. In gratitude, Bruno pledged lifelong protection to the Antoinerei. The city's elated scientists promptly crafted an Energy Ball, tailoring it as Bruno's main armament for his synthetic limbs.

From that day on, any invaders who set foot in Antoinerei had to deal with Bruno's relentless attacks. The townspeople eventually gave him the nickname, "The Protector of Antoinerei."

Well, that's just information about Bruno's story in Mobile Legends that you should know. What do you think about his story?

Skill Bruno of Mobile Legends

Passive Skill of Bruno – Mecha Legs

Bruno gets an additional critical chance every time he deals damage with his skills to the opponent up to several stacks. This hero has a large physical attack, but the consequence is less increase in attack speed from all sources. Stack Mecha Legs walked for a few seconds. The duration will be reset when you attack a unit. To defend the stack when there are no enemy heroes or minions, attack the nearest jungle creep.

Skill 1 Bruno – Volley Shot

Bruno releases a Powerball in his next basic attack to deal physical damage to the target, giving a slow effect while momentarily increasing his own speed. The released Powerball will return to Bruno and land on the ground. Bruno or a teammate hero can pick up the Powerball for a follow-up attack while reducing Flying Tackle's cooldown.

Activate Volley Shot at the start of the match and use it to put pressure on your opponent in the early game. Improving this first skill is a priority as it is Bruno's main source of damage.

Powerball can only be picked up from the ground for a certain amount of time, otherwise it will disappear. If you're farming in the lane, make sure to pick up the Powerball again to save mana.

You can have two Powerballs at the same time. To get them, wait for Volley Shot's cooldown, then activate it again when the first Powerball is in the air. Use this strategy to quickly destroy turrets or other big objectives like the Lord and Turtle.

Skill 2 Bruno – Flying Tackle

Bruno unleashes a sliding tackle towards the target, dealing physical damage to the enemy and inflicting a stun effect. If the Powerball is bouncing, Bruno will pull towards it.

Flying Tackle is Bruno's mobility skill. Use this skill to hunt down opponents, get into position for a team fight, or escape from dangerous situations.

Remember, you can go through walls with this skill. This skill is also useful for launching surprise attacks on opponents thanks to its stun effect.

Skill ultimate Bruno – Worldie

Bruno releases an Energy Ball towards the target hero, dealing physical damage and knock back effects. This Energy Ball will bounce between nearby enemies with each bounce dealing physical damage while reducing the enemy's physical defense for a few seconds to several stacks.

Unleash Worldie at the start of the battle to reduce the enemy's physical defense to give your team an advantage. Use this skill to push back approaching enemies so you can counterattack or continue your escape attempt. You can also use this skill to clear minions effectively. Aim at the nearest enemy hero and let the Energy Ball bounce between them.

Combo skill Bruno Mobile Legends

To maximize the use of Bruno, you can use the following sequence for skills:

Volley Shot (skill 1)

Flying Tackle (skill 2)

Wave of the World (Ultimate)

Auto Attack

Or if ultimate isn't available, you can use the following combo:

Volley Shot (skill 1)

Auto Attack

Flying Tackle (skill 2)

The Most Painful of Emblem & Build Bruno (Full Damage). TOP GLOBAL 1 version


1.Haas’s Claws

This Mobile Legends item costs 1810 and will provide the following improvements:

+70 Physical Attack

+20% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Insanity: If HP is below 50%, the hero will gain an additional 1%% Physical Lifesteal.

You can use this item for heroes that rely on Basic Attack such as Fighter or Marksman. However, you can also use this Assassin, but it is not very effective because Assassins rely more on skills except Assassins who rely on Basic Attack.

2. Berserker’s Fury

This Mobile Legends item costs 2250 and will provide the following improvements:

+65 Physical Attack

+25% Critical Chance

+40% Critical Damage

Unique Passive – Doom: Critical Hit will increase the hero's Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

This ML item is only suitable for Physical heroes because the damage is of the Physical type. however, heroes who have two types of damage can also use this item. If you use a hyper that focuses on damage, you must use Berserker's Fury.

3. Windtalker

This item costs 1820 and will provide the following upgrades:

+40% Attack Speed

+20 Movement Speed

+10% Critical Chance

Unique Passive – Typhoon: Every 5-3 seconds (decreases as Attack Speed increases), your next Basic Attack deals 150-362 Magic Damage to up to 3 opponents (can Critical Strike and deal 200% Damage to Minions).

Unique Passive – Activate: Every time Typhoon is cast, Movement Speed will increase by 5% in a short period of time.

All Physical heroes are suitable to use this item because the increase in Attack Speed and Critical Chance is very influential for heroes who rely on Basic Attack.

4. Wind of Nature

This Mobile Legends item costs 1910 and will provide the following improvements:

+30 Physical Attack

+20% Attack Speed

+10% Physical Lifesteal

Active Skill – Wind Chant: Immune to all physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. (Duration halved if used by a non-Marksman hero). Has a 70 second cooldown.

It is certain that heroes with the Marksman role are most suitable for using this item because of the passive they get. With this item, Marksman can be one-on-one with opposing heroes who have deadly Physical Damage.

5. Malefic Roar

This Mobile Legends item costs 2060 and will provide the following improvements:

+60 Physical Attack

+35% Physical PEN

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Each Physical Defense an opponent has will increase Physical Penetration by 0.05% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

Actually, there are no special heroes to use this Mobile Legends item, all heroes can use it. But whether effective or not, surely this item is more effectively used by Fighter, Assassin and Marksman.

For the emblem, it uses the Assassin Emblem.

The talents include the following:

Fatal: Gain 5% additional Critical Chance and 10% additional Critical Damage

Tenacity: Increases defense when HP is low. When HP is below 50%, increases 15 Physical & Magic defense.

Quantum Charge: To increase 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (CD: 8 seconds).

Battle Spell

For battle spells, you should use Inspire which serves to increase Attack speed.


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