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Brody is a Mobile Legends hero who occupies the Marksman role. He is one of the mainstay Marksman heroes for Mobile Legends players. This is because Brody has sick damage, both in the early and late game. Therefore, you must know how Brody's story in Mobile Legends. The story itself will be related to Benedetta. She has a bleak story, where she has lost everything caused by Demon. The power she has now, was obtained from the power of the Demon that was accidentally present on her arm. Now, she still has someone to protect, and she is determined to do so.

The Story of Brody Mobile Legends

Brody's origins were a mystery to all. Upon his arrival in the village, he was drenched in blood, and his right hand appeared to have suffered injuries from the Abyss. His somber expression revealed his sense of being lost. The compassionate villagers, hesitant to welcome him inside, instead left water and food by his side.

After he woke up, Brody realized that the villagers were afraid of him. He has forgotten everything; only vague memories cross his mind from time to time.

In his recurring dream, a voice would shout, "Brody, hurry!" But what was he rushing towards? The answer eluded him. His fragmented memories were always engulfed in flames, and his right hand... it appeared unscathed. What was happening to him? Each attempt to delve into his past resulted in a piercing headache. His destination was unknown; he wandered aimlessly. The shards of his memories and the agony in his right arm were his relentless tormentors.

The villagers regarded him as a freak and stayed away from him. Brody knew that people were afraid of him. He was an outsider, someone who had no memories or past.

One day, there was an old man who was chased by the Demons until he strayed into the mountain. Brody didn't think long. He tried to save the old man based on his natural instructions. The ferocious Demons did not notice Brody because he looked thin and weak. However, he unleashed a powerful energy wave from his right hand and completely annihilated the Demons. The power was incredible, but Brody also realized that every time he used this power, his right hand would feel unbearable pain.

The pain would spread throughout his body. This pain would paralyze him, nor would it take away his strength to fight. But this pain was eternal, urging him to find his lost past. The old man he saved believed that he was a good boy, so he invited him to live with him in the village. Encouraged by the old man, the other villagers also began to open their arms to this quiet young man.

In that instant, Brody realized that he cherished the sensation of being needed, even in the absence of memories. He pondered that perhaps this was because it gave him a sense of purpose. This notion soothed him and lightened the weight of his thoughts. Yet, the voice persisted in his head, crying out for help.

He became the guardian of the village, and peace was restored for a moment. He drove away the Demon Abyss one by one. It was because of this that the villagers began to like this quiet young man. Brody became stronger with each battle. And in each battle, he would see things that seemed to be his past. He wanted to uncover his past, but at the same time, he was also afraid of the truth. What happened to him?

Brody fought like a soulless machine, until he met Benedetta who was also a poor soul who had no home. Benedetta was struggling to fight a group of Demons. And that's when Brody appeared suddenly and intervened. They were near the Crack of the Abyss, and countless Demons kept appearing through the portal. The battle became increasingly intense. Brody evacuated the villagers to a safer place and fought alongside Benedetta.

As victory was within reach, a band of Demons infiltrated the underground wine cellar and seized the old man whom Brody had rescued. They menaced Brody with threats of annihilating the entire village. Witnessing the villagers taken hostage, Brody was overcome with a severe headache. His right arm surged with immense anger, the energy within him becoming uncontainable. In a swift motion that preceded any reaction, Brody lunged at the last resisting Demon. With his right hand, he crushed the Demon's chest and extracted its still-pulsating heart. As blood obscured his vision, Brody succumbed to the overwhelming pain and exhaustion, falling into a deep sleep amidst the chaos of battle.

The vague memories were finally getting clearer. The history that happened would never be forgotten, he finally remembered it. In his dream, Brody saw his past. He was born in a village at the foot of a volcano. The village was haunted by the Abyss, the people who lived there had to be very careful to survive.

Brody was the most optimistic young man in the village. Everyone likes him, and he also wants to help. Naive Brody thinks he can fight the demons and rid the village of terror and fear.

One day, a valiant young boy took up arms to confront the Demons. With each battle, he became more formidable. Yet, he recognized the true might of these fearsome creatures. Despite his courage, he longed for the comfort of home and set out for his village, unaware that a band of Demons had picked up his scent and were trailing him back.

The Demons destroyed the village. Some villagers were killed trying to protect themselves, and others were ravaged by Foul Energy. When Brody finally defeated the Demons surrounding him, it was too late. The surviving villagers had all been corrupted by the Demon's power and were beginning to lose their sanity.

The oldest man in the village who was losing the last of his humanity begged Brody to kill everyone. They would rather die than wander this world as soulless creatures. The man approached Brody and gave him a final hug, his strength fading. He once again begged Brody to do just that for them.

"Good boy, we miss you and will always watch over you," said the villagers, their voices tinged with sorrow. Brody, overwhelmed by grief, ended their suffering and then focused on the final Demon hiding in the shadows.

Suffering, regret, and hatred turned into an indestructible force. Brody extended his right hand. Slamming through the demon's chest and breaking its heart.

The Demon Blood damaged Brody's arm, giving him the power he now possessed. He was able to get rid of the damage. But Brody let the pain fill his body until he collapsed from the agony. He knew the price he had to pay for doing this, because every attack he inflicted on his opponent would trigger the same pain, reminding him of the mistakes he had made.

He remained unchanged. As Brody's eyes opened once more, Benedetta and the villagers stood by his side. For the first time, he experienced true peace. His loved ones, friends, and family had all departed. His homeland had irrevocably transformed in his heart. Yet, fortuitously, there was still someone he needed to protect. Brody was resolved to defend his newfound home.

Brody's Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive (Abyss Corrosion)

Brody will give abyss marks to heroes who are hit by basic attacks or other Brody skills. Each stack of basic attack will increase +200% total physical attack and slow the enemy 25% for 0.5 seconds.

Each stack will also increase critical damage against the target by 12.5% and the maximum stack that can be given to the enemy is 4 stacks.

Skill 1 (Abyss Impact)

Brody will release a shock wave in a predetermined direction. This 1 skill deals damage to the opponent and leaves 1 stack.

Skill 2 (Corrosive Strike)

Brody runs towards the opponent and deals damage. In this skill there is a stun effect and will leave 1 stack to the enemy. After hitting the target, he can move again to the enemy that was hit by his skill 2.

Ultimate (Torn-Apart Memory)

Brody will lock the target in an 8-yard area and deal damage to the target based on the number of stacks they have. If it has been hit by ultimate, then all marks will be reset.

Tips for Playing Brody in Mobile Legends

1. Use Ultimate When Stack is Full

Tips for playing the first Brody hero you can apply tips for attacking opponents. In order to get high damage, you have to wait for the stack to be full and then attack your opponent. To get a stack on hero Brody is very easy. The method itself is to attack the opponent using Brody's basic attack or skill, after the Stack is full, use Ultimate and your damage will be higher.

2. Use the Assassin Emblem & Build Critical

Brody is not a marksman who relies on Attack Speed like Miya or Layla. To be used properly, you can use builds that have high critical effects. You can use Berserker Fury, Endless Battle, Blade of The Heptaseas and Scarlet Phantom to increase the damage from Brody. That way you can maximize his ultimate skill. Not only that, use the assassin emblem so that Brody has higher damage.

3. Keep Distance from Hero Debuff

Next, always keep your distance from debuff hero attacks that have a stun or lock effect. Some heroes that you should avoid are Saber, Franco to Ruby which can make it difficult for you when playing. Playing by keeping your distance is one of the right ways to play Brody.

4. Proper Positioning

Not only maintaining distance, but the right way also to play Brody is to place the best position. Some of the right positions include in ambush, behind the hero tank and in the opponent's blind spot so that Brody can provide unexpected attacks.

The Most Painful of Emblem & Build Brody (Full Damage). TOP GLOBAL 1 version


1. Blade of the Heptaseas

This item costs 1950 and will provide the following improvements:

+70 Physical Attack

+250 HP

+15 Physical PEN

Unique Passive – Ambush: If no damage is received or inflicted within 5 seconds, the subsequent Basic Attack will inflict extra Physical Damage of 160 plus 40% of Physical Attack, and will apply a 40% Slow effect on the target for 1.5 seconds.

2. Malefic Roar

This Mobile Legends item costs 2060 and will provide the following improvements:

+60 Physical Attack

+35% Physical PEN

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Each Physical Defense an opponent has will increase Physical Penetration by 0.05% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

Actually, there are no special heroes to use this Mobile Legends item, all heroes can use it. But whether effective or not, surely this item is more effectively used by Fighter, Assassin and Marksman.

3. Wind of Nature

This Mobile Legends item costs 1910 and will provide the following improvements:

+30 Physical Attack

+20% Attack Speed

+10% Physical Lifesteal

Active Skill – Wind Chant: Immune to all physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. (Duration halved if used by a non-Marksman hero). Has a 70 second cooldown.

It is certain that heroes with the Marksman role are most suitable for using this item because of the passive they get. With this item, Marksman can be one-on-one with opposing heroes who have deadly Physical Damage.

4. Sea Helberd

The main attribute and passive of Sea Halberd is Lifebane. This means that dealing any damage to the target will reduce the regen, heal, and shield effects by 50 per cent for three seconds.

In addition, there is another passive that makes Sea Halberd actually a thick hero counter item like Malefic Roar or DHS as well. Namely the Punish passive, where damage will increase by 8 per cent to enemy heroes with greater extra HP.

That's not counting the basic attributes that also add physical attack and attack speed.

+80 physical attack

+25% attack speed

5. Rose Gold Meteor

These Mobile legends item costs 2120 and will provide the following improvements:

+60 Physical Attack

+30 Magical Defense

+5% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Lifeline: When a Hero's HP is reduced below 30%, creates a Shield that absorbs 510-1350 damage (increases with Level) and increases their Magic Defense by 25. The Shield lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

You can use Rose Gold Meteor to counter heroes that have high damage, be it physical or magical damage. For example, Karina, Guinevere, Eudora, Vale, and so on.

In addition, this item is also very useful for saving your dying HP. That is what makes Rose Gold Meteor quite popular and favored by Marksman and Fighter users.

For the emblem, it uses the Assassin Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Rupture: Get 5 Adaptive Penetration.

Master Assassin: Increase damage to lone heroes

Quantum Charge: To increase 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (CD: 8 seconds).

Battle Spell

For the spell, in this build we use Flicker which can move places.

Because Layla has difficulty dodging the opponent's attacks, this Flicker spell is highly recommended.


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