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Karrie is the strongest warrior of the Yasson race and is one of the heroes feared by her enemies. For the full story, check out the following.

Somewhere, there is a kingdom called Alaghat which is the residence of the Humanoid race. This race named Yasson has a human-like body but has deformed legs. The Yasson race is known to have a very mysterious power and makes it able to move very quickly thanks to these deformed legs. This race is destined to be a free fighting race and can also use its abilities in various ways and can help other races.

One of the Yasson race is Karrie, she is a person who has been diligently training since childhood and has great potential. Karrie is very talented and is always trained to be a warrior leader of the Yasson race. She is getting better and becoming a trust for the Yasson race.

On the other hand, his growing strength has caused him to lose his senses and become a deadly fighting machine. When one of the warrior groups is on a mission to fight against another race. Karrie became the leader and was very confident that she would win with her great strength. Once the battle is underway, Karrie and her goal of repelling the enemy.

But because of Karrie's confidence, she fought the enemy alone and got injured by her opponent. Then she received a whisper that her kingdom would be destroyed and the Yasson race would perish. After that, Karrie survived death, but did not believe the whispers she heard.

Later, Karrie was shocked after seeing many signs of destruction in the kingdom and the Yasson race, to prevent this, Karrie travelled to the Land of Dawn to get a solution and to make her stronger to protect her race and kingdom.

Tips to PlayKarrie Mobile Legends

1. Take Some Objectives

Of course, the first tip is to take as many objectives as possible in the early game, because Karrie herself is just like a marksman in general, she must need items so that her abilities come out maximally. By taking shield turret objectives, killing opponents or getting assists to help teammates secure turtles, Karrie's items can be quickly finished.

2. Utilize Skill 2

By making the best use of Karrie's skill 2, remember Karrie's skill 2 is not just for running away because it has high mobility. But Karrie's skill 2 is useful for attacking, so when you are issuing a basic attack don't forget to keep using skill 2 so that Karrie issues considerable true damage to the opponent.

3. Choose the Most Appropriate Time to Use Skills

Skill 1 does little damage, so you can use it to clear out minions. Skill 2 can take out the most powerful heroes but is more likely to be effective when they are stationary. You can start aggressively and beat up your opponent by using skill 3 in the last phase, especially during team fights.

4. Play in a Patient Way

As mentioned earlier because Karrie is quite slow, try to always play patiently, and tell the team if there can be a tank that always escorts Karrie, especially since Karrie is not a hero who kills quickly in jungling. You can ask for tank help to speed up getting the necessary items. 

5. Choosing the Most Appropriate Item

This item also has a lot of influence, try to use balanced items, for example if you add Karrie's SPEED then use the right shoes, so that the attack speed is also good then use items to increase pain, and to increase maximum lifesteal also use the right items and finally use items if you want to do maximum duels.

Pros and Cons of Hero Karrie Mobile Legend

1. Has great damage when in the early game

The first advantage possessed by the hero Karrie is that it has great damage when in the early game, this is the most beneficial advantage possessed by this hero. Karrie has great damage when in the early game because of her passive skill, namely (Lightwheel Mark) this skill is able to deal true damage of 8%-12% of the target's max HP on the fifth attack. With that much damage, of course Karrie can easily kill opposing heroes and can quickly farm when in the early game. You must try this hero!

2. A very agile hero

The second advantage possessed by the hero Karrie is very agile, rarely is there a Marksman hero who has this advantage. Karrie is very agile thanks to skill two and skill three, skill two (Phantom Step) Karrie jumps towards the specified direction while dealing damage and skill three, namely (Speedy Lightwheel) Karrie gets an increase in movement speed by 20% for six seconds. Thanks to these two skills Karrie becomes very agile; this hero can quickly chase the opposing hero or escape from the pursuit of the opposing hero.

3. Able to carry the team

The third advantage possessed by the hero Karrie is being able to carry the team, this is an advantage possessed by all Marksman heroes. Karrie has great damage when in the early game and late game, this hero can quickly kill opposing heroes and do a split push, even Karrie can kill Lord alone without anyone's help. With all these abilities, of course Karrie is able to carry the team, you don't need to hesitate to use the hyper carry meta when using this hero.

4. Has very low durability

The first drawback possessed by the hero Karrie is that it has very low durability, this is a very fatal flaw possessed by this hero. Karrie's durability is very low because this hero does not carry a large number of physical and magical defense attributes, this hero has a low lifesteal effect and most Karrie hero users do not use Defense items in their builds. This deficiency forces Karrie to play it safe when the game has entered the late game, this hero can be easily killed if it is locked by the opposing hero.

5. Hero Marksman that is difficult to master

The last drawback possessed by the hero Karrie is that it is very difficult to master, this kind of deficiency is really troublesome for those of you who are just learning it. Using this hero must understand safe positioning and precise timing, Karrie can become the target of the opponent if you just go forward and attack. That's not all! Using skill one and skill two of this hero also requires high hand speed and strong instinct, your attack can fail if you don't hit the target.

Skill Karrie Mobile Legends

Passive (Lightwheel Mark)

Karrie's Basic Attack or Skill attack that hits the target will leave a Lightwheel Mark that can be stacked up to 5 stacks, if you have attacked up to 4 marks and the 5th attack will give an explosion that produces True Damage to the target by 7%-13% of the target's Max HP.

In the discussion above we have mentioned that Karrie is able to become a killing machine even with just 1 Item, one of the mandatory Items that Karrie must use is the Golden Staff, by using this Item Karrie's Passive will be faster to activate which previously you had to attack 5 times to get True Damage, with this Item you only need to attack 3 times to produce True Damage.

Skill 1 (Spinning Lightwheel)

When using this skill, the curry will throw an Energy Ball (FlyWheel) in the direction you have specified, for the opposing hero units that are first hit by FlyWheel attacks they will be hit by 200 (+90% Extra Physical Attack) damage, then when FlyWheel stops moving it will deal continuous damage of 100 (+20% Extra Physical Attack) to the opponent who is on top of the Energy Ball, and to all opposing hero units hit by this attack will be hit by a Slow Effect of 80% for 1 second, and give 1 Mark to the Target.

Skill 2 (Phantom Step)

This skill is an Escape Skill that Karrie has, this skill can be directed and you can use it to escape through walls with only thin walls, when this skill is activated Karrie will make a small dash in the direction you have specified, if there is a target nearby, Karrie will release LightWheel and give 150 (+70% Total Physical Attack), and give 1 Mark to the Target.

Skill 3 Ultimate (Speedy Lightwheel)

When Karrie uses her Ultimate, she will enter Dual Wheel Mode for 6 seconds, in that mode Karrie's Movement Speed will increase by 20%, and each Basic Attack or Skill 2 will issue 2 LightWheel, but each Basic Attack will only deal 50% damage, and her Attack Speed will be reduced by 20%.

Karrie's Deadliest Skill Combo

If discussing the combos that this hero can do, it can be said to be easy, but to include all the damage that Karrie produces is certainly not an easy thing, here is the Deadliest Carrie Combo that you can do, first use Skill 1 first to give the opponent a Slow Effect, then immediately do Ultimate Skill 3.

For opponents who try to escape you use Skill 2 to chase them, you can adjust the use of Skill 2, sometimes the enemy that you Combo can chase you back when the Combo is in progress so be clever in utilizing Skill 2 to avoid opponents who try to attack you from close range.

Most Painful of Emblem & Build Karrie (Full Damage). TOP GLOBAL 1 version

Build Item

1. Corrosion Scythe 

The price of Corrosion Scythe is 2050 gold, Corrosion Scythe provides the following upgrades:

+ 50 Physical attack

+ 5% Movement SPD

+ 25% attack speed

The increase in this item is quite good because it not only increases damage but also increases move speed and attack speed. This increase is very much needed by heroes, especially during the late game.

Corrosion Scythe's Passive

Corrosion Scythe has 2 passives namely:

Corrosion: Each basic attack will hit the opponent will give a slow effect of 8% for 1.5 seconds with a total stack of 5. So, this item is very useful when by one or chasing opponents.

Impulse: Each basic attack will increase attack speed by 8% for 5 seconds with a total stack of 5. It is certain that your hero's attack speed will be crazy and overwhelm the opponent.

2. Golden Staff

The explanation of the Golden Staff item will focus on its passive because in terms of attributes it only adds +55 physical attack and +15% attack speed.

The amount of additional attack speed from the active attributes above is still less than Windtalker which adds +20% attack speed. Even so, the passive of Golden Staff makes this item more often used and prioritized in certain early hero builds.

Golden Staff has two passive effects, namely Swift, where every 1 percent critical chance will be converted into 1 percent extra attack speed.

While the second unique passive is called Endless Strike, where after 2 non-critical basic attacks come out, the attack speed for the next basic attack increases by 100 per cent (And the attack speed cap can increase up to 500 per cent), while triggering the attack effect twice.

The Golden Staff would be perfect if paired with items like the Demon Hunter Sword because aside from also having an attack speed attribute of up to 25 per cent, the DHS can leak thick opponents.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

The Demon Hunter Sword item in Mobile Legends provides a significant stat addition to increase the hero's attack ability. With an additional +35 Physical Attack, this item provides additional power to the hero's physical attacks.

In fact, it can increase the potential damage done in battle. In addition, the +25% Attack Speed boost accelerates the hero's attack rate.

This allows him to perform more basic attacks at the same time.

The combination of these two stat increases makes Demon Hunter Sword a popular choice for players. Especially for marksman and assassin heroes who rely on fast and powerful attacks in defeating opponents.

4. Wind of Nature

This Mobile Legends item costs 1910 and will provide the following improvements:

+30 Physical Attack

+20% Attack Speed

+10% Physical Lifesteal

Active Skill – Wind Chant: Immune to all physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. (Duration halved if used by a non-Marksman hero). Has a 70 second cooldown.

It is certain that heroes with the Marksman role are most suitable for using this item because of the passive they get. With this item, Marksman can be one-on-one with opposing heroes who have deadly Physical Damage.

5. Malefic Roar

This Mobile Legends item costs 2060 and will provide the following improvements:

+60 Physical Attack

+35% Physical PEN

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Each Physical Defense an opponent has will increase Physical Penetration by 0.05% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

Actually, there are no special heroes to use this Mobile Legends item, all heroes can use it. But whether effective or not, surely this item is more effectively used by Fighter, Assassin and Marksman.

The emblem uses the Basic Common Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Tenacity: Increases defense when HP is low. When HP is below 50%, increases 15 Physical & Magic defense.

Weapons Master: Physical Attack and Magic Power obtained from Equipment, Emblems, Talents, and Skills increased by 5%

Quantum ChargeTo add 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (Cooldown: 8 seconds).

Battle Spell

For the spell, in this build we use Flicker which can move, and is ready to launch attacks in close range or to dodge the opponent's attacks.


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