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This time, Dafunda Game will reveal lesser-known details about the Aamon Mobile Legends story. Aamon is a hero in Mobile Legends who serves as a semi–Mage Assassin. Known for his excruciating damage, Aamon wields the power of invisibility. He can vanish (Camouflage) after attacking his enemy with his skills. While invisible, Aamon becomes untargetable by his foes, simultaneously regenerating his HP and boosting his movement speed for a brief duration.

In the narrative, Aamon stands as the youngest heir to the noble House of Paxley. Among his many younger siblings, his dearest is Gusion. Aamon has dedicated his life to serving House Paxley. However, an issue concerning Gusion has caused Aamon to question his decisions.

Well, want to know the full story? has summarized information about Aamon's story in the Mobile Legends game.

A baby's cry breaks the quiet dawn at Castle Aberleen. House Paxley, the strongest and most influential noble family in the Moniyan Empire, finally had an heir. The father of Duke Paxley's child named him Aamon, and so his younger siblings were born one after another. But as the eldest child and heir to the family, Aamon had been treated with stricter discipline since his childhood. He was never allowed to be a free spirit like his brother Gusion, and since his childhood, he had been occupied with studying and family duties all day long. Not only did Aamon learn the things required for a typical nobleman. His father Duke Paxley would also secretly teach him spells that were only passed down to direct descendants of the family.

It was a cruel and cunning spell that killed people both honestly and honorably. Aamon once had doubts because the secret family spell did not fit with the honorable history of House Paxley who believed in the Lord of Light, and because of this, he tried hard to find out the family history. However, fate did not allow him to find any answers. The year when Aamon had just turned 18, his father who had high hopes for him disappeared with his mother in a sandstorm while visiting Altair. After his father was presumed dead, Aamon had to bear the heavy responsibility of the family as the young heir and leader of House Paxley.

Aamon showed a maturity that a young man like him hardly had. Whether it's because of his father's teachings or the heavy family burden. He was lively in social settings but cold and aloof when facing his political opponents. He showed perfect noble kindness in politics, but on the battlefield, he seemed like a ghost who casts merciless spells. To most people who have worked with him, Aamon is a shadow that can never be captured. After Duke Paxley was presumed dead, Aamon was not only left with the responsibility of the entire family, but also his younger siblings. In fact, he is not as mysterious and elusive as others make him out to be.

His wish was surprisingly simple. The duty to protect House Paxley had been engraved in his mind since he became the heir, so family and blood ties were everything to Aamon. No matter what evil or good deeds he had done, it was all for one purpose, the future of House Paxley.

Aamon once thought that protecting his home and protecting his family were exactly the same, until one day, a curse from an ancient prophecy befell his younger brother, Gusion. Aamon never showed it to anyone, but among all his brothers and sisters, Gusion was the one he paid the most attention to. Because Aamon saw qualities in Gusion that he didn't have. He was a free-spirited rebel who wreaked havoc without a second thought. But Aamon didn't like his brother for that, and he thought maybe they should have resembled each other as brothers, except that he had no choice but to turn into the person he was now.

Whenever he looked at Gusion, it was like he was looking at someone who was supposed to be like that. Therefore, even though the entire Moniyan Empire knew that Aamon had a useless imposter brother, he never punished Gusion for his evil deeds. Even once when little Gusion accidentally cut Aamon's face with a knife, leaving a permanent scar on his cheek, Aamon simply patted him and said nothing more. Naturally, Gusion did not dare to bring sharp objects near his honorable brother anymore. As the family heir, Aamon had heard about their ancestral prophecy from his father since he was young. He knew that anyone within House Paxley having a dark mark appear on their body would be bound by a god.

Thus, when he discovered the mark on Gusion, he immediately made the decision to imprison him and cut off all contact between him and the outside world, temporarily preventing the rest of the family from knowing about the changes in Gusion. Aamon was worried about the excruciating pain afterwards. Gusion's existence was undoubtedly the sword of Damocles hanging over House Paxley, but Aamon did not want to kill his brother. However, what he did to protect Gusion did not buy them much time.

A few days later, the family elders learnt about Gusion's secret and soon arrived at the place where Gusion was being held. And of course they didn't come to save Gusion's life. The situation didn't make Aamon hesitate, so he decided to ask the servant who had been guarding Gusion to release him in secret.

But rather than letting Gusion roam free, Aamon had kept an eye on his brother, and as expected, his wayward brother did not follow his orders and preferred to hide inside Castle Aberleen. The young Duke Paxley sighed and decided to go it alone. To find the root of the dark mark curse and rescue his brother, while ending the shackles of tragedy that have bound their family for centuries.

Explanation of Aamon Mobile Legends hero skills

Passive– Invisible Armor

For Invisible Armour, Aamon Mobile Legends can camouflage to become invisible to the enemy every time he successfully deals damage to the opponent using his skills. In this form, he will recover HP and his movement speed will continue to increase for the duration. After returning to sight, he will immediately get a buff on his basic attack.

Skill 1 – Soul Shards

Soul Shards possess both passive and active effects. Passively, Aamon replenishes his armor each time he executes a skill or strikes an enemy with enhanced skills and basic attacks. Upon reaching five stacks, he unleashes five shards with his subsequent basic attack, inflicting increased damage. The active effect of the Soul Shards skill involves hurling a single shard at the target, which resets the basic attack upon impact.

Skill 2 – Slayer Shards

Aamon Mobile Legends will throw the shard forward, dealing magic damage and slow to the first non-minion enemy hit. If the Slayer Shards do not hit any targets, the shards will return to her, and she will immediately camouflages.

Ultimate – Endless Shards

Aamon will throw all the shards at one target. After a while, the shards will fly to the enemy location again and deal magical damage. The amount of magical damage will increase with armor charge and the number of shards present. The damage dealt will also increase based on how much the target's HP is depleted.

Tips for Playing of Hero Aamon Assassin

Understand All the Skills Possessed by Aamon

By knowing and understanding all of Aamon's skills, you will know her strengths and weaknesses so that you can maximize her potential.

Use the Right Build, Emblem and Battle Spell

The subsequent tip is to select the appropriate Build, Emblem, and Battle Spell for Aamon. Without the correct Aamon build, he won't be formidable or lethal. On the other hand, with the right build, Aamon will undoubtedly become a hero who is tough to defeat and extremely dangerous. If you're still uncertain about the Aamon build, consider using the one from the Top Player Aamon showcased in the image provided by

1. Ice Hunter's Arcane Boots

+ 40 Movement speed

+ 10 Magic Penetration

Unique passive - Hunter: After dealing damage to the creep, deals 25 (+3*hero level) + (1% total HP) True damage to the target for 3 seconds (damage increased by 100% for non-marksman heroes).

2. Genius Wand

This Mobile Legends item costs 2000 and will provide the following improvements:

+75 Magic Power

+5% Movement Speed

+10 Magical PEN

Unique Passive– Magic: Dealing damage to an opponent's hero will reduce their Magic Defense by 2-9 (scales with Level). This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.

This item is perfect for you to use for Damage Magic heroes who can deal damage in a short time so that the passive is maximized. There are many suitable heroes such as Lunox, Change, Vale, Guinevere and others.

3. Holy Crystal

This Mobile Legends item costs 2180 and will provide the following improvements:

+100 Magic Power

Unique Passive – Mistery: Increase Magic Attack by 21-35% (Increases with Level).

Because Holy Crystal increases huge damage, this item must be used for Mage heroes. Because the greater the damage of the Mage, the greater the chance to win the war.

4. Divine Glaive

This Mobile Legends item costs 1970 and will provide the following improvements:

+65 Magic Power

+35% Magical PEN

Unique Passive – Spellbreaker: Each Magic Defense your opponent has will increase Magic Penetration by 0.1% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

This one item is very suitable for Mage heroes who need great damage. Even though the enemy has made a Defense item, the damage from this ML item will still be felt.

5. Windtalker

This item costs 1820 and will provide the following upgrades:

+40% Attack Speed

+20 Movement Speed

+10% Critical Chance

Unique Passive – Typhoon: Every 5-3 seconds (decreases as Attack Speed increases), your next Basic Attack deals 150-362 Magic Damage to up to 3 opponents (can Critical Strike and deal 200% Damage to Minions).

Unique Passive– Activate: Every time Typhoon is cast, Movement Speed will increase by 5% in a short period of time.

All Physical heroes are suitable to use this item because the increase in Attack Speed and Critical Chance is very influential for heroes who rely on Basic Attack.

6. Blood Wings

This Mobile Legends item costs 3000 and will provide the following improvements:

+150 Magic Power

+500 HP

Unique Passive – Guard: Gains Shield equivalent to 200% Magic Power. Gain 30 more Shields when destroyed.

For damage-focused mages, it is very suitable to use this hero because with this item your damage will be very large. In addition, with the help of other items will also increase damage and automatically make the shield you get bigger.

In addition to the build, of course, you also have to use the right Emblems and Battle Spells for Aamon. You can use the Emblem settings in the picture above that has prepared.

By using the Emblem setting, Aamon will get additional movement speed and physical penetration. Not only that, Aamon can also more easily collect items when using the Emblem setting.

Meanwhile, for Battle Spell, if Aamon wants to be used as a core/jungle hero, of course, you must use Battle Spell Retribution so that you can farm more easily and quickly.

However, besides being a core hero, Aamon can also be used as a Midlaner hero. When using Aamon as a Midlaner hero, you can use the Battle Spell Execute. Because the Battle Spell can give additional true damage to Aamon so that Aamon can kill his enemies faster.

Focus for Farming

When in the early game, you should focus on farming so that Aamon can get level 4 and collect items faster. Before you have enough items to kill the enemy, you should not play barbarian first. Because Aamon will be very easy to defeat when he doesn't have enough items to fight. However, when you have enough items to kill, of course you have to play more bravely, but you should avoid fighting with enemy heroes who have strong crowd control skills.

Maximize the Use of Aamon's Passive Skills

When playing Aamon, it's crucial to maximize the use of his passive skills before engaging the enemy. To do this, activate skill 2 first; this allows Aamon's passive to trigger without needing to hit the enemy. Employing this strategy ensures you avoid becoming an easy target or getting locked by the enemy. It also allows for the full collection of Aamon Shards, ensuring that when you unleash Aamon's skill combo, the resulting damage is significantly amplified and potentially lethal.

Kill Enemy Heroes Using Aamon's Combo Skill

The final tip is to eliminate enemies with Aamon's skill combo. Prioritize targets with the lowest durability, like Mage or Marksman heroes, to ensure they are taken down in a single assault. Mastering Aamon's skill combo allows for a more efficient and swift defeat of enemy heroes.

Combo Skill Aamon

Aamon's skill combo starts from using skill 2 first to approach the enemy that is your target, then attack using basic attack, after that use skill 1, then use basic attack again and finally use skill 3 to kill the enemy.

Thus, the story and explanation of the Hero Assassin Aamon Skill, you can see it in the following video for more details.

Video on Youtube : How to Play Aamon Assassin Jungler - Mobile Legends


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