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How to Play Moskov Marksman Gold Line - Mobile Legends


Moskov is a hero in Mobile Legends, fulfilling the Marksman role. With the rise of the META Inspire, Moskov has emerged as a popular choice among players. It's essential for players to be familiar with Moskov's backstory. In the lore, Moskov is a wanderer accompanied by his friend Khaleed. Together, they journey through the desert until an ambush by the Thornwolf tribe occurs. The revived Khufra proves to be a formidable force against the duo and their allies.

The Story of Moskov Mobile Legends

Moskov hailed from the Wildsand tribe in the northwestern reaches of Agelta. As with many ancient tribes, the Wildsands had remained nomadic yet stationary in their ancestral lands for generations, living a life of peace and liberty. However, Moskov, the tribe's young prince, found this existence monotonous. He frequently embarked on desert adventures, and it was on these escapades that he met Khaleed, the prince of the Artha tribe. The two princes, sharing similar spirits, forged a deep friendship, often seen together, eagerly exchanging thoughts on various subjects.

However, when the conversation turns to power, the bold and assertive Moskov displays a fervent passion for might and dominance, convinced that only through great strength can he safeguard those dear to him. Conversely, Khaleed argues that power and violence are never solutions to their issues. In his view, morality and justice stand as the sole verities in this world.

Despite the differences between them, their friendship was hardly affected, and they continued to explore the desert with their own entourage.

Yet, the era of peace was short-lived. Ambition ignited the fires of conflict, and the mighty Thornwolf tribe initiated the war, seeking to dominate the western territories and rule them with an iron fist. In response, Khaleed and Moskov rallied their forces, uniting with other tribes to form a formidable alliance. They plunged into a fierce battle against the brutal Thornwolves. Demonstrating their valor, Khaleed took command of the main force, while Moskov fought valiantly on the front lines. Throughout the ongoing struggle, Khaleed's exceptional leadership won him the support of the tribes, and he was chosen as the head of their coalition. In contrast, Moskov, despite his bravery and relentless spirit, became a forgotten warrior. He perceived this neglect as a profound injustice, having always been the first to charge into battle, often emerging soaked in blood.

Khaleed was the one who garnered recognition and the people's trust, leaving little attention for Moskov. Moskov sought an opportunity to demonstrate his equality to Khaleed. After a string of victories, the united tribe found themselves in a bind, prompting the Thornwolves to unleash the ancient despot Khufra from his seal within the Ruins of Tivacan. Once liberated, Khufra conjured a fearsome sandstorm and launched an assault with an army of sand monsters. Caught unprepared, the united tribe faced a dire calamity. In a critical moment, Khaleed had to make a snap decision, readying himself to guide the tribesmen in their evacuation to preserve their forces.

This was the moment Moskov had been anticipating. To him, Khaleed had finally shown a weakness in leadership, revealing himself as a coward. It was an opportunity for Moskov to demonstrate his own value. He urged the tribesmen to hold their ground and confront Thornwolf and Khufra head-on. However, the other tribal leaders dismissed Moskov's plea, dealing a severe blow to his pride. Overcome by emotion, he abandoned all logic and refused to engage in discussion with Khaleed. Instead, he rallied his tribesmen and charged into the vast desert, determined to show he was Khaleed's equal.

In the boundless desert, the sand monsters overwhelmed them in relentless waves. Moskov watched his troops fall, and realization dawned upon him, along with regret for his past actions. Yet, he held onto the belief that his friend Khaleed would come to his aid with reinforcements. But as the enemy numbers swelled and his forces waned, hope within Moskov started to dim.

Regret and disappointment consumed his heart, giving way to seething anger and despair over his unjust fate. Despite his severe wounds, Moskov broke free from the tight siege, shielded by his troops who laid down their lives for him. Trusting no one, Moskov ventured south, guided by the Crimson Gargantuan in the sky. He plunged into the Abyss's rift, blood-soaked, and offered his soul to the Great Abyss. In return, he received a spear embodying death and destruction. The brave desert warrior known as Moskov ceased to exist, replaced by the cold, merciless Spear of Quiescence.

Understanding Skills in Mobile Legends Hero Moskov

Actually, this hero is not difficult to use. But, indeed, the hero has a little hidden mechanism in each skill. If you don't understand, the potential of Moskov still can't come out completely. So, so you can quickly use it. Try to understand the following skills:

Passive Skill of Spear Quiescence 

His Basic Attack can penetrate the target as well as deal 68 to 100% Physical Damage to his opponent.

Skill 1 – Abyss Walker 

Skill 1 is useful for moving to a predetermined position. Do not forget that it can also increase ATS 40% for approximately 3 seconds. The Basic Attack itself is able to deal 10% more damage to the opponent behind the target.

Skill 2 – Spear of Misery 

These 2 skills throw a spear at the target and can provide a knock back effect. Then, 140 Physical Damage + 40% of the total Physical Attack. If later the target collides with another opposing hero. Then, these two heroes will receive 210 damage and will be stunned for 1 second.

Skill Ultimate – Spear of Destruction 

This skill will throw spears at opponents along the line. Later, it will deal 600 Physical Damage + 100% of the total Physical Attack. After that, it will reduce the opponent's movement speed by 80% when hit by the main spear.

Tips for Using Moskov in Mobile Legends

1. Understand Moskov's Skills

To be able to use this hero, make sure you understand Moskov's skills. The explanation of Moskov's skills is as follows:

Spear of Quiescence (Passive): Moskov's Basic Attack can pierce through the target and deal Physical Damage to the opponent behind it. If the Basic Attack successfully hits the target, the Cooldown of "Abyss Walker" and "Spear of Misery" will be reduced by 0.8 seconds.

Abyss Walker (Skill 1): Moskov moves to the designated location, increasing his Attack Speed to 1.4 times for 3 seconds. In addition, his Basic Attack deals 10% more damage to opponents behind the target.

Spear of Misery (Skill 2): Moskov attacks the opponent at full power, dealing Physical Damage and causing a Knockback effect to the target. The target's position will be visible for 5 seconds. If the target collides with another opposing Hero while being knocked back, both will take Physical Damage and be stunned for 1.5 seconds. If the target Hero collides with a wall, they will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Spear of Destruction (Skill 3): After a brief Charge, Moskov casts Spear of Destruction, dealing Physical Damage to opponents along a straight line. Upon hitting the opposing Hero, the Spear will explode, dealing an equal amount of damage to the target and Physical Damage to the opponent behind them. It also causes a Slow effect to the opposing Hero and the opponent behind them by 30%-90% (scales with flying distance) for 1.5 seconds.

2. Keep the Attack Distance

When playing as Moskov, it's crucial to maintain your distance during combat. Marksman heroes like him are susceptible to Crowd Control effects and can be easily targeted by enemies. To attack effectively, always keep a safe distance from the reach of opponents. Positioning yourself behind a Tank or Support hero who can shield you is a wise strategy.

3. Stun the Opponent towards the Wall

The next tip for using Moskov is to stun your opponent. Whenever possible, unleash the Spear of Misery skill on enemies who are close to a wall or moving in close proximity. A stunned opponent is easier to defeat. Utilize the bushes or grass near the wall to initiate surprise attacks effectively.

4. Use Ultimate at the Right Time

Moskov's Spear of Destruction skill has the ability to strike opponents along its trajectory. This skill enables you to engage enemies from a considerable distance. However, it is crucial to deploy the skill at an opportune moment. It is most effective when used during a team fight or when your teammates are engaged in combat. Utilizing this skill strategically can turn the tide of battle in your team's favor, and with some luck, you might even secure a kill.

5. Use the Right Moskov Build Combination

For those looking to master the hero Moskov, utilizing the correct build is crucial. With the right Moskov build, defeating your opponents becomes much easier. Consider constructing the items listed for the Top Global 1 version.

Pros and Cons of Moskov Mobile Legends 

Every hero that you can play in Mobile Legends actually has its own advantages and disadvantages, now especially for the hero Moskov, I will review the following.

Pros of Moskov di Mobile Legends

1. High Attack Speed

The advantage of the first Moskov hero lies in the ability to attack speed which is quite high. You can get this one ability from skill 1 which teleports forward and increases the attack speed ability on Moskov. Not only that, but you can also increase attack speed by using build items to make it even faster.

2. Far-Reaching Ultimate Attack

Moskov possesses the ultimate ability, boasting the longest attack range. Indeed, you can target enemies across the entire map with Moskov's spear throw. However, this spear requires great precision to use, making it quite challenging to strike your opponent.

3. Very Strong in Late Game

Moskov is a marksman hero who becomes incredibly powerful in the late game. As the game progresses, he can easily carry his team to victory. With his rapid attack speed, substantial lifesteal, and high damage output, he can effortlessly eliminate opposing heroes.

4. Good Farming Ability

Unlike other marksman heroes when early game Moskov has fast farming capabilities. Usually, other marksman heroes need a tank hero to accompany them when farming at the beginning of the game, but it is different from Moskov who is able to solo farm buffs even at level 1.

5. Dealer Damage When Team fighting

Moskov is poised to be the top damage dealer in team fights. This capability is one of Moskov's key advantages to consider. With his ability to target enemies even at the rear of their formation, Moskov's spear attack can penetrate through the lines, hitting up to three opponents simultaneously.

6. Good Escape Mechanism Skills

The escape mechanism skill ability is also present on this hero, as a marksman of course this skill is a mainstay when team fighting. You can easily escape from the opponent's attack by using skill 1, the function itself is similar to flicker and fades when the team fight starts.

Cons of Moskov di Mobile Legends

1. Pretty Weak in the Early Game

In the early stages of the game, Moskov is considered one of the less powerful heroes, in contrast to others like Kimmy or Wanwan, who boast high mobility and damage. Moskov does not deal considerable damage until he acquires potent items such as Endless Battle among others.

2. Which Usage is Wasteful

Many Moskov players have expressed concerns over the hero's high mana consumption, particularly for a marksman. Indeed, Moskov frequently uses his first skill, leading to significant mana usage in each game. Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate mana regeneration into Moskov's build.

3. Small Basic Attack Range

You need to know, for the problem of the attack range of the hero Moskov is very small. To attack your opponent, you have to be very close to your opponent so that Moskov can issue a basic attack, which is a drawback in itself because marksman heroes who rely on good positioning, of course, the closer will be more dangerous.

4. Relies heavily on Positioning

Moskov's next drawback is in the position when playing in Mobile Legends. Of course, this is one of the shortcomings for all marksman heroes, where you must always be active to keep your distance from your opponent when playing in Mobile Legends.

5. Requires High Accuracy

In utilizing Moskov's ultimate ability, precise attack accuracy is crucial. To effectively wield Moskov's spear, one must swiftly assess the opponent's position and health points (HP). When an enemy is near defeat, deploying Moskov's spear with precision can secure a kill. However, mastering this technique can be quite challenging for newcomers.

The Most Painful Emblem & Build Moskov. TOP GLOBAL 1 version.


Build Item

1. Corrosion Scythe 

The price of Corrosion Scythe is 2050 gold, Corrosion Scythe provides the following upgrades:

+ 50 Physical attack

+ 5% Movement SPD

+ 25% attack speed

The increase in this item is quite good because it not only increases damage but also increases move speed and attack speed. This increase is very much needed by heroes, especially during the late game.

Corrosion Scythe's Passive

Corrosion Scythe has 2 passives namely:

Corrosion: Each basic attack will hit the opponent will give a slow effect of 8% for 1.5 seconds with a total stack of 5. So, this item is very useful when by one or chasing opponents.

Impulse: Each basic attack will increase attack speed by 8% for 5 seconds with a total stack of 5. It is certain that your hero's attack speed will be crazy and overwhelm the opponent.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

The Demon Hunter Sword item in Mobile Legends provides a significant stat addition to increase the hero's attack ability. With an additional +35 Physical Attack, this item provides additional power to the hero's physical attacks.

In fact, it can increase the potential damage done in battle. In addition, the +25% Attack Speed boost accelerates the hero's attack rate.

This allows him to perform more basic attacks at the same time.

The combination of these two stat increases makes Demon Hunter Sword a popular choice for players. Especially for marksman and assassin heroes who rely on fast and powerful attacks in defeating opponents.

3. Golden Staff

The explanation of the Golden Staff item will focus on its passive because in terms of attributes it only adds +55 physical attack and +15% attack speed.

The amount of additional attack speed from the active attributes above is still less than Wind Talker which adds +20% attack speed. Even so, the passive of Golden Staff makes this item more often used and prioritized in certain early hero builds.

Golden Staff has two passive effects, namely Swift, where every 1 percent critical chance will be converted into 1 percent extra attack speed.

While the second unique passive is called Endless Strike, where after 2 non-critical basic attacks come out, the attack speed for the next basic attack increases by 100 per cent (And the attack speed cap can increase up to 500 per cent), while triggering the attack effect twice.

The Golden Staff would be perfect if paired with items like the Demon Hunter Sword because aside from also having an attack speed attribute of up to 25 per cent, the DHS can leak thick opponents.

4. Wind of Nature

This Mobile Legends item costs 1910 and will provide the following improvements:

+30 Physical Attack

+20% Attack Speed

+10% Physical Lifesteal

Active Skill – Wind Chant: Immune to all physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. (Duration halved if used by a non-Marksman hero). Has a 70 second cooldown.

It is certain that heroes with the Marksman role are most suitable for using this item because of the passive they get. With this item, Marksman can be one-on-one with opposing heroes who have deadly Physical Damage.

5. Malefic Roar

This Mobile Legends item costs 2060 and will provide the following improvements:

+60 Physical Attack

+35% Physical PEN

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Each Physical Defense an opponent has will increase Physical Penetration by 0.05% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

Actually, there are no special heroes to use this Mobile Legends item, all heroes can use it. But whether effective or not, surely this item is more effectively used by Fighter, Assassin and Marksman.

For the emblem, it uses the Assassin Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Swift: To increase 10% extra attack speed.

Master Assassin: Increase damage to lone heroes

Quantum Charge: To increase 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (CD: 8 seconds).

Battle Spell

Battle Spell

For battle spells, you should use Inspire which serves to increase Attack speed. 

For up to 8 Basic Attack Basic Attacks within the next 5 seconds, increase Attack Speed to 1.5 times and the Atack Speed cap to 500%.

The Basic Attacks also ignore 8(+1*Hero Level) of target's Physical Defense and restore 60 (+15% Total Physical Attack) (+15% Total Magic Power) HP on hit.


1. At max hero level (15), you can go through a total of 23 physical defense.

2. This physical defense ignore effect only applies to basic attack.

3. Since the fix on Golden Staff after multihit basic attack revamp (Moskov, Hanabi, Irithel, Karrie), Inspire's 8 basic attack limit is consumed on every basic attack "hits" instead of every basic attack launch. This doesn't apply to additional hits from Freya's and Aulus' basic attack because they don't trigger basic attack effects. This somehow also doesn't apply to additional hits from Miya's passive and multiple AoE hits from Beatrix's grenade gun even though they trigger basic attack effects.


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