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How to Play Harith Mage Midline - Mobile Legends


Harith is a hero in Mobile Legends, fulfilling the role of a Mage. Known for his agile and elusive maneuvers, he is among the Mages who possess such dexterity. Previously, Harith was considered one of the top Hyper heroes. His backstory is quite intriguing; he hails from the Leonin race of Elves, identifiable by their charming, feline-like visage. Harith harbors the ambition to lead his people and believes that to achieve this, he must revive the Magic Art, a distinguished legacy of his race.

The Story of Harith Mobile Legends

According to legend, a race of Ancient Elves resided in the Enchanted Forest within the Land of Dawn. These cat-like beings are frequently depicted as diminutive, playful, autonomous, and highly intelligent. However, the alliance between the Leonin Elves and the Moon Elves remains a lesser-known aspect of the tale.

From his youth, Harith's abilities and insight exceeded those of his contemporaries. He rapidly ascended to become the most formidable Mage of the Leonin nation, rivaling the strength of any Mage in the Land of Dawn. However, the Leonins remained within the confines of the Enchanted Forest, leading solitary lives in safety and tranquility. So satisfied were they with their serene existence that they ceased to pursue the Magic Art, once a defining trait of their nation.

Harith, who was only 15 years old at the time, was dissatisfied with this situation and confidently stepped out of the Enchanted Forest to see the outside world. With high ambition and passion to learn the Magic Art, she was moved to become the leader of her people in learning Magic.

Harith reached the capital of the Land of Dawn and allied with humans to fend off the orc onslaught. Demonstrating valor in combat, he earned Tigreal's admiration for his indomitable spirit and prowess. It is said that Harith was granted the rank of Lieutenant and was swiftly named the Moniyan Empire's Imperial Master of Magic. With this esteemed title, he received royal consent to wield magic that manipulates time and space, revealing the Secrets of Dawn.

Since that day, Harith has proudly travelled throughout the Land of Dawn to protect all justice from the evils that exist. Full of passion and excitement, Harith knew that once he was appointed Master of Magic, he would become the target of public criticism. Committed to his dream of becoming his people's leader in learning Magic, Harith fearlessly moved forward alone.

Over time, Harith came to understand that his existence was solely devoted to fulfilling the kingdom's missions. This realization led him to a path of solitude, making him an enigma. His interactions with Nana, a fellow Leonin who displayed affection towards him, were strained as he struggled to reciprocate. Harith held the belief that living in solitude was the best way to shield Nana from public scrutiny. However, whenever the kingdom called upon his magical expertise, Harith, as the Master of Magic, would promptly confront and contain any malevolent threats.

Skill of Harith Mobile Legends

Passive– Key Insight

Harith reduces the duration of his Crowd Control effect by up to 45% (depending on the number of enemy heroes nearby).

Skill 1 – Synchro Fission

Harith creates a shadow of himself to the designated location. Then they cast Synchro Fission towards each other, dealing 236 (+84% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemy units in its path. When the two Synchro Fissions collide, an explosion will occur, dealing 590 (+210% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies in the explosion area.

Skill 2 – Chrono Dash

Harith runs in the designated direction. When he arrives, he steals power from nearby opposing heroes, generating a shield that absorbs 185 (+140% Total Magic Power) Damage and reinforces his next Basic Attack. Harith's reinforced Basic Attack deals 225 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and causes 40% Slow. Attacking an opponent with a reinforced Basic Attack reduces the cooldown of the next Chrono Dash by 3 seconds.

Skill 3 – Zaman Force

Harith summons the Age Force. When a multidimensional crack appears, Chrono Dash's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds. Multidimensional crack causes 70% slow to opposing heroes in the area, and causes 35% slow to opposing heroes continuously afterwards. If Harith comes into contact with the crack while using Chrono Dash, he will absorb the energy within as well as reduce the Synchro Fission/Chrono Dash cooldown by 1 sec/3 sec respectively.

Pros and Cons of Harith Mobile Legends

Pros of Harith Mobile Legends

1. Agile and Fast

Hero Harith is agile because he has the Chrono Dash skill that allows him to move quickly.

2. Unbeatable

With the ability to escape, Harith is difficult to capture. Hero Harith is a mage hero that is difficult to defeat.

3. Useful Passive Skills

Harith has a unique passive skill. Harith is immune to the opponent's Crowd Control attack. Harith also easily breaks free from the opponent's Crowd Control attack.

4. High Mobility

With Chrono Dash and Flicker, Harith can freely escape from enemy attacks. Even when surrounded by enemies, Harith can still survive.

5. Short Skill Cooldown

With a short skill cooldown, Harith can be very agile. Because this hero often uses his skills.

Cons of Harith Mobile Legends

1. Difficult to Master

Harith is indeed a terrifying hero in the Land of Dawn. However, it looks like you have to practice hard to master Harith. Because Harith is a difficult hero to master.

2. Weak in the Early Game

Harith is weak in the early game. So, you have to play it safe in the early game. However, when Harith's item build is complete, he will be a strong hero.

3. Small Damage Area Scope

As a Mage hero, Harith has a small damage area. So the damage Harith releases is only limited to that small area.

Tips for Playing Harith Mobile Legends

1. First understand the 4 skills possessed by the hero Harith

Passive Skill (Key Insight): The more opposing heroes that are near him, the less his CC time will be, making Harith even stronger.

Skill 1 (Synchro Fission): Harith attacks in the specified direction, dealing 145(+70% total magic power) to 435(+210% total magic power).

Skill 2 (Chrono Dash): Harith blinks in the specified direction, resulting in a shield that can absorb 150(+150% total magic power) and increase the next basic attack by 200(+80% total magic power) and cause a 40% slow effect to the target.

Skill 3 (Force Age): Harith summons Zaman Force, reducing the cooldown of his second skill by four seconds, causing a slow effect to the opponent by 35%. If Harith comes into contact with Zaman Force while using his second skill, the cooldown of his first and second skills are reduced by one to three seconds.

2. Don't forget to use this sickest build

To ensure Harith has high durability and can engage in aggressive play, the correct build order is crucial. Below is a formidable build that guarantees effectiveness: Harith will become overpowered with significant durability. Begin with Star Shard, followed by Magic Shoes, Calamity Reaper, Feather of Heaven, Holy Crystal, and Oracle, in that sequence. Test it out quickly before it becomes common knowledge! Alternatively, you could follow the build recommendations from the Top Global 1 player for assured success.

3. Tips for playing in the early game to the late game

Harith's gameplay from early to late stages must be strategic, as it significantly impacts the team and the outcome of the game. In the early game, Harith should concentrate on farming and roaming to build substantial damage. This involves clearing Minions, securing Buffs, defeating enemy Creeps, slaying Turtles, and demolishing turrets. Roaming, which entails moving from the top lane to the middle and bottom lanes, is crucial for assisting teammates under attack and eliminating enemy heroes. In the late game, Harith's strategy shifts to focus on hero elimination. It's important to collaborate with teammates and not hesitate to engage in team fights. However, one must still aim to achieve objectives by taking down turrets and defeating the Lord.

4. Tips to play brutally

To play aggressively with the hero Harith, consider these three tips. First, ensure you possess significant damage output by acquiring at least two magic items before engaging in open combat. Second, verify that you have ample backup damage; never enter a battle solo—always coordinate with your teammates. Lastly, during combat, prioritize targeting enemy heroes with the lowest durability, such as Marksmen, Mages, and Assassins. Do not fear being immobilized, as your two skills will prevent opponents from pursuing you.

5. Use this skill combo to kill the opposing hero

Combo skills are very important in using Harith heroes, without knowing the combo skills, you will be confused during the war. In order not to be careless in pressing the skill button, you should remember Harith's combo skills as follows. Ultimate skill, skill two, basic attack, skill one, skill two, basic attack (repeat). By using the skill combo above, it is guaranteed that Harith will not be defeated during war.

Most Painful of Emblem & Build Harith (Full Magic Damage). TOP GLOBAL 1 version


Build Item

1. Starlium Scythe

New item of MLBB Starlium Sycthe

+70 magic power

+10% cooldown reduction

+8% Hybrid Lifesteal

+6 mana regen

Unique Passive, Crisis: Within 3 seconds after using the skill, the next basic attack will deal additional true damage equivalent to 100 + 100% magic power, as well as briefly grant 10% movement speed. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

2. Feather of Heaven

This item costs 2030 gold and provides the following upgrades:

+65 magic power

+30% attack speed

+5% move speed

These 3 upgrades are very useful for mage heroes because they will make hero damage very painful. But not all mage heroes need fast attack speed.

Passive: This item has a passive called Affliction; this passive will give 40% of the hero's magic attack as additional magic damage. Surely your hero's damage will be greater when using this item.

3. Blood Wings

This Mobile Legends item costs 3000 and will provide the following improvements:

+150 Magic Power

+500 HP

Unique Passive – Guard: Gains Shiled equivalent to 200% Magic Power. Gain 30 more Shields when destroyed.

For damage-focused mages, it is very suitable to use this hero because with this item your damage will be very large. In addition, with the help of other items will also increase damage and automatically make the shield you get bigger.

4. Divine Glaive

This Mobile Legends item costs 1970 and will provide the following improvements:

+65 Magic Power

+35% Magical PEN

Unique Passive – Spellbreaker: Each Magic Defence your opponent has will increase Magic Penetration by 0.1% when dealing damage to them, limited to 20%.

This one item is very suitable for Mage heroes who need great damage. Even though the enemy has made a Defence item, the damage from this ML item will still be felt.

5. Holy Crystal

This Mobile Legends item costs 2180 and will provide the following improvements:

+100 Magic Power

Unique Passive – Mystery: Increases Magic Attack by 21-35% (Increases with Level).

Because Holy Crystal increases huge damage, this item must be used for Mage heroes. Because the greater the damage of the Mage, the greater the chance to win the war.

The emblem uses the Custom Mage Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Inspire: Gain 5% extra Cooldown Reduction

Bargain Hunter: Reduce equipment cost. Equipment can be purchased at 95% of their base price

Impure Rage : Extra skill damage and restore mana on Hit

Battle Spell

For the spell, in this build we use Vengeance. Cooldown 75s

for 3s gain 35% Damage Reduction and deal 35% Magic Damageback to the attacker each time you receive damage.

Youtube video : MVP HARITH!!! How to play HARITH Mage Mid Lane - Mobile Legends


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