How to Raise the Introverted Children

Each child is born with a unique character; some are extroverts, other introverts. For children with introverted tendencies, it's important to find ways to encourage them to socialize without feeling embarrassed or reluctant.

Here we will share the parenting tips and tricks for you. So, check out the full information below!

As parents, we should not compare our children with other people's children who will certainly never be the same. The task of parents is to recognize their own children so that later they can help them grow optimally.

So, what about introverted children?

Here are some ways to deal with introverted children that parents can do:

1. Introduce introverted children to new situations slowly

Introverted children actually like to learn something new, it's just that they don't like having to deal with too many people when learning something new.

They prefer to observe and adapt to calm conditions. Therefore, if you want to introduce introverted children to something or a new condition, make sure you give an explanation of what conditions they will face later.

For example, children are in pre-school and in a few months, they will enter the school world. So provide information in advance about how they will learn because at school they will learn with friends not alone anymore like when at home.

That way the child will not feel scared because they already know in advance what will happen in the new conditions later.

2. Make them comfortable and feel understood

Introverted children are sometimes difficult to understand. This is because most of them are less able to express themselves. But don't give up on a child who tends to be silent and even almost difficult to express.

You have to approach them in a way that makes them comfortable and lets them know that you care and are trying to understand them. You should also not get emotional.

During their learning phase, children are bound to make mistakes, ranging from minor to significant ones. However, it's important not to take it personally. Instead, guide them calmly and without emotional response.

3. Engage children with interesting activities

Generally, introverted children like to enjoy quiet activities and not too many people. So, give a talk about an interesting activity that you would like to do with your child or that your child will do in the future.

Also, give them visualizations and images in advance so that they can adjust their conditions to the circumstances or activities that will occur later.

Some examples of activities that introverted children can enjoy including:

  1. Writing
  2. Journaling
  3. Art, such as painting, drawing, dancing, etc.

Encourage them to make choices about the activities they want to do so that they can learn about making choices and expressing themselves.

4. Teach children to express themselves

Introverted children tend to be shy to express their feelings. Therefore, most of them choose to keep their feelings to themselves.

It is feared that if parents do not understand this situation, children will feel that they are not considered or understood. Therefore, approach them, for example, before bedtime or at mealtimes, so that they want to tell stories. This method can be done to help them be willing and able to express what they feel.

5. Encourage your child to develop close friendships with several children

Although they like to be alone, there are times when they don't want to be alone all the time. Therefore, introverted children should be encouraged to form close relationships with a few children they enjoy spending time with.

Usually, introverted children if they are comfortable and trust with a friend, they will continue to build a good relationship with that friend.

6. Give introverted children social skills to help them socialize

People with introverted personalities do not like to be intimidated. Hence, they are less likely to socialize due to the fear of being intimidated. To overcome this, give your child a social skills approach.

Invite people you trust to approach your child first so that the child feels trusted and can start learning to socialize with new people.

This is the information we can share regarding how to deal with introverted children, so they don't want to socialize. Hopefully it will be constructive information, moms and dads!


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