How to Raise the Extroverted Children

Educate children is not an easy matter. Moreover, each child has its own character that cannot be equated with one another. Educating or parenting introverted children is also certainly different from how to care for extroverted children and a mother needs to understand it.

Before we discuss how to nurture extroverted children, we will first discuss extroverts themselves. So, what is an extrovert?

An extrovert is someone who is open about everything they feel, and those with extroverted personalities are known to be active in various ways. They also socialize easily with others. What is the parenting method?

In order not to grow into a child who is too overproud and even to the wrong association, parents must know how to raise them. Here's how to parent extroverted children that you need to know:

1. Start an interesting conversation

Extroverted children love and are active in conversations. Therefore, start a conversation with fun and light themes with your child. Whether the conversation is about animals, plants, their favourite storybooks and so on.

Also, tell bedtime stories that allow them to imagine and get the moral of the story. Many bedtime stories can be read to children before bedtime

2. Enhance your child's physical activity level.

Extroverted children like to be active. So, you can invite them to do various physical activities such as sports, jogging, gardening, playing volleyball, hiking, camping and so on. They will love and enjoy all these activities.

If you don't have much time to play and do physical activities together, parents can also involve children to help with housework. For example, asking children to help parents cook, wash dishes, sweep and so on.

Intersperse with interesting conversations in between activities. Extroverted children will be very open with you.

3. Teach children to respect other people's opinions from an early age

Extroverted children are usually more able to express their opinions to others than introverted children. But what you need to emphasize to extroverted children is that when they have an opinion, it does not mean that other people's opinions are wrong.

Teach your children to have their own opinions, but also to respect the opinions of others. This is important so that children can learn to respect each other from a young age. This can also be a lesson and information on how children should behave when socializing with their environment.

4. Appreciate the child's personality

For example, if the parent is an introvert and the child is an extrovert, it is not a problem. Children don't have to be the same as their parents. And vice versa.

Therefore, start giving children an understanding that being different is natural and there is nothing to be afraid of. Teach children to dare to do what they like and be themselves without being easily influenced by people or the environment around them.

5. Give a positive response

Many people unwittingly give negative responses to children's self and behaviour. For example, when children are actively babbling, mothers suddenly tell them to be quiet. This can educate children to become shy people and not dare to express opinions.

Try not to let this happen to your parenting and upbringing. Especially for parenting extroverted children because if you continue to give negative responses it could be that the child will grow up to be a rebel.

Always stay calm and respond positively to what they do. If the child makes a mistake, redirect and give feedback so that the same mistake is not repeated.

6. Remind your child not to forget to rest

Extroverted children are active. But that doesn't mean they forget how to rest. You should still give them an understanding of when they can do activities and when they should rest. Here the role of a mother is needed to always provide an understanding of health to children.

7. Teach them how to maintain relationships with friends

Extroverted children are the opposite of introverted children, they like to socialize with their friends. Therefore, start teaching them early about the meaning of friendship, the meaning of friendship and how to establish good relationships with friends.

Here is some brief information on raising extroverted children, which is important to comprehend. It's essential to educate children with patience and diligence to ensure they develop into intelligent and healthy individuals.


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