How to Take Revenge for Our Village Being Attacked - Clash of Clans

Have you ever after being attacked, you want to retaliate? Because of so much loss of loot that you have. In the following I will share revenge tips or revenge tips that are effective and efficient so that you are not wrong in making revenge attacks.

In Clash of Clans, you can seek revenge by opening the battle log, symbolized by the letter icon in the top left corner. This can be accessed by pressing the envelope button.

Why should we take revenge?

Seeking revenge in the game is like hitting the jackpot of free farming without the pesky cost of hitting the 'next' button. How many times have we drained our gold reserves just by tapping 'next' over and over, only to find no worthy village to plunder? That's where the sweet strategy of revenge comes in, saving us a fortune in gold and sparing us from the 'next' button blues.

This is the fun secret of revenge!!! we can see if the village that attacked us is rich or not. You can see in the opponent's profile tab that we will attack back then click visit. We can spy on our opponent's movements and activities for free!

How to Take Revenge

  1. First, select the letter envelope image located on the top left.
  2. Select tab Defense Log 
  3. Choose which account you want to attack first by clicking on it. You can choose to visit to find out the conditions of the opponent's village that you will attack. You can also choose profile to find out the opponent's profile. and View Clan to find out the opponent's clan.
  4. After seeing the condition of the opponent's village, click the revenge button on the right.

How to Win Revenge

  1. See where the Town Hall is. To win the battle you have to see where your opponent's Town Hall is located. If the town hall is located outside the base, you can immediately attack without having to think. By destroying the Town hall alone, you will get some loot.  
  2. Pay attention to where the gold mine, elixir collector and dark elixir drill are located. If they are outside the base and the treasure is still located in those resources, you can attack using a combination of giant, barbarian and archer only. But if the treasure is inside the storage in the center of the base, you need a full trope to attack.
  3. You'll need to destroy at least 50% of the building to get a small amount of loot for just 1 star.

Tips for revenge

  1. You have been revenged. In this case, you cannot take revenge because you have already attacked him first.
  2. You cannot take revenge when you are online or have a shield. You can try again later.
  3. If you have a Shield, you will lose your Shield when you take revenge.
  4. You will get a trophy after taking revenge.
  5. Before you press the revenge button, you should visit the enemy village first, by clicking the visit button. So that you know the tropes you should bring in the fight.
  6. You won't get a bonus if you win a revenge battle.
  7. Lastly, do not retaliate against all your enemies. Choose only the rich ones.

This is a small guide on how to get revenge, good luck!!!!


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