How to Play Hanabi Marksman Gold Line - Mobile Legends

This occasion, will delve into the Marksman Hero known as Hanabi, covering everything from Hanabi's backstory to her abilities and strategies for playing this Hero.

Hanabi is a Marksman hero in Mobile Legends, alongside Layla, Lesley, and Miya. She is often underrated and has a smaller fan base compared to other heroes. However, when played correctly, Hanabi can become a formidable adversary for her opponents. Understanding Hanabi's backstory in Mobile Legends is essential.

Hanabi's story in Mobile Legends is related to Hayabusa. Whereas a child Hanabi wanted to defeat Hayabusa, but never succeeded. As she grew older, Hanabi began to feel the seeds of love in her heart. However, she was unable to express her feelings. Until he finally found out what Hayabusa was looking for. Hidden among the deep, rocky mountain valleys and dense forests of the northern Cadia Riverlands lies the village where the ninja - Scarlett Shadow 

After thousands of years, two schools of Ninjutsu emerged. One was known as the Scarlet Sect, and the other was the Shadow Sect. The Scarlet Sect advocates using all kinds of ninja equipment, while the Shadow Sect focuses on the intention of learning Ninjutsu itself. After learning many terrible lessons from the ninjas fighting against each other, the two sects reached an agreement to accept training from the other side. The plan was not only a way to exchange ideas and skills, but to form a special bond between their younger generations.

As the eldest daughter of the Scarlet Supreme Grandmaster, Hanabi was raised as the successor to her father's position and showed exceptional talent far beyond her peers. But after the arrival of a young ninja from the Shadow Sect, Hanabi realizes that she's met a powerful rival.

The boy named Hayabusa was the youngest son of the Shadow Supreme Grandmaster. Although he came from the Shadow Sect that emphasized physical and mental strength, he had a remarkable understanding of scarlet ninja equipment and showed great potential just by training for a few months.

At first Hanabi did not care much about this potential challenger until a regular training session in the evening. She was unexpectedly defeated by Hayabusa. Although it was only during training, the arrogant Hanabi could not take the humiliation of losing a fight. Every time the moon was full, he would try to find a way to provoke Hayabusa into a duel with him, but he could not win a single fight against the boy who seemed to be one with his shadow.

Annoyed, Hanabi continued to provoke him to fight against him more often, but he grew even more annoyed at Hayabusa's calmness and patience. Hence, the angry girl and the quiet boy gradually grew up in these silent fights. Soon the two rivals reached adolescence. They still did not speak to each other, but the duels every full moon night became a routine of unspoken communication.

Although Hanabi could sometimes win in a fight, it was Hayabusa who won more often than not. Whenever their duels ended, the two would lie on a high rooftop, gazing up at the full moon in the sky, the reflection of the silver moonlight in Hayabusa's eyes slowly burning into Hanabi's mind before he could realize it.

Other times they would exchange a few words that seemed like conversation, but it could also be said that they were directed at themselves. The words Hanabi said most often were: "I will become an Akakage". While Hayabusa would often reply with a grunt or say, "I'll find that person". As for who that person is, Hanabi has never heard Hayabusa explain who that person is.

Hanabi realized her feelings for Hayabusa, but her pride as a girl did not allow her to express her thoughts directly, and the ninja training she received taught her to never reveal her emotions. Many times, she looked at Hayabusa's back as he left and said to herself "Next time when I win against you, you will understand about my feelings."

The day of the coming-of-age ceremony happened to coincide with the night of the full moon. Hanabi dressed up and carefully prepared a red bean rice bento. To make this bento, Hanabi's beautiful hands that often-used marks to release ninjutsu were covered in cuts and burns. Failed experiments piled up in the kitchen one after another. Finally, Hanabi made a satisfying bento while sweat poured down her face. She let out a sigh of relief before looking up to see the rain pouring down in the darkness outside her window.

He rushed through the rain without an umbrella, clutching the red bean rice bento in front of his chest and running through Scarlet Shadow's path. As heavier rain fell from the sky, he finally found Hayabusa, but the girl named Kagura was leaning nearby holding a Seimei Umbrella. Thunder boomed in the sky and flashes of lightning danced in the darkness of the night. Sinking to the ground, Hanabi said to herself: "Hayabusa saw me. I can't escape!" She forced herself to walk towards them every step of the way feeling like her heart was being trampled. It wasn't until she stood in front of Hayabusa with a blank expression that she realized she was still holding the Bento box meant to express her feelings.

Hanabi ignored the umbrella Hayabusa handed her and coldly nodded to him as she did at the training ground, before quickening her pace to hide in the rain. The rain stopped and the night wind blew away the dark clouds so that the silver moonlight shone on Hanabi's face while she was drenched in rainwater. On the high rooftop, she gazed up at the full moon, tears running down her cheeks uncontrollably.

After that night, Hayabusa left Scarlett Shadow and Hanabi has never seen him since. Hanabi took the name Scarlet years later and finally learnt the truth behind Hayabusa's departure, the man was destined to carry the burden of hunting down Hanzo the demon.

On another full moon night, Hanabi gazed into the distance on the high rooftop alone: "All our friends who grew up with us are here, except you, who floated away with the cherry blossoms."

"Hayabusa, be careful out there and come back alive. I'll be waiting, our duel isn't over yet, and I will be the strongest ninja to take the name Akakage!"

Hanabi Mobile Legends Skills

Passive Skill: Ninjutsu: Equinox

When Hanabi's HP is full, 50% of the HP gained from lifesteal will be converted into shields up to 20% of her maximum HP. Roughly speaking, she will get a shield when her blood is full.

Then, when her shield is active, Hanabi will be immune to all enemy Crowd Control effects and her movement speed is increased by 30 points.

Skill 1: Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage

Hanabi will permanently gain 8% physical lifesteal when activating skill 1. Every time this skill is levelled up, the physical life steal will increase by 2%. Therefore, the physical lifesteal we will get from this skill is 18% at max level.

Skill 2: Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll

Hanabi will fire an Energy Scroll in our targeted direction, dealing 400(+80% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to opponents in her path and causing a Slow effect on them of 40% for 2 seconds.

Each attack that hits the target will recover 140 points of Hanabi's mana. The amount of mana recovered will decrease if the attack hits multiple opponents.

Skill Ultimate: Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana

Hanabi will throw the Higanbana in the direction we target and the Higanbana will fully bloom when it hits the target, dealing 400(+Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage and causing an Immobilize effect to the opponent for two seconds.

The effect of this ultimate skill will spread to the nearest opponent and will only be affected once. If the opponent is within Higanbana's range, another Higanbana will bloom, and cause immobilization and the amount of damage dealt is the same as before.

How to Play Hanabi Mobile Legends

If you want to fight successfully there is a way to use Hanabi mobile legend that is the most appropriate and also effective.

1. Avoid Hero Assassin

Although originally a ninja, Hanabi is quite a slow hero. Fingers crossed that you're always on your toes when facing agile heroes like assassins. If this happens, then be quick to take cover behind your strongest friends, such as tank-type heroes.

2. Focus on Farming in the Early Game

Don't be too hasty to use Hanabi at the beginning of the game. Just focus on farming so that your Hanabi can acquire skills faster. Increase aggression once you get past skill 1 and collect some important build items.

3. Choose the Most Appropriate Time to Use Skills

Skill 1 does little damage, so you can use it to clear out minions. Skill 2 can take out the most powerful heroes but is more likely to be effective when they are stationary. You can start aggressively and beat up your opponent by using skill 3 in the last phase, especially during team fights.

4. Play in a Patient Way

As mentioned earlier because Hanabi is quite slow, try to always play patiently, and tell the team if there can be a tank that always escorts Hanabi, especially since Hanabi is not a hero who kills quickly in jungling. You can ask for tank help to speed up getting the necessary items.

5. Choosing the Most Appropriate Item

This item also has a lot of influence, try to use balanced items, for example if you add Hanabi's SPEED then use the right shoes, so that the attack speed is also good then use items to increase pain, and to increase maximum life steal also use the right items and finally use items if you want to do maximum duels.

6. Do Not War at Levels Below 5

Especially for levels that are still below 5 because Hanabi will be so easy to catch and if it has been caught, especially until it is killed, it will be able to slow down Hanabi in collecting the necessary items later.

7. Items Defends

This is actually a tentative item, depending on who the opponent is, if later the opponent has a super sick Hero, then it is better to activate defends items such as immortal. If later it turns out that the opponent's Hero is a sick Mage type, activate the defends items.

Pros and Cons of Hanabi

Just like all heroes, Hanabi mobile legends also has many advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage is certainly in terms of attack by using a spread or burst effect. The higher Hanabi's skill, the greater the damage effect that will be caused. This will be very suitable to help your team in finishing the fight of an opponent who is so weak but quite troublesome. 

Unfortunately, Hanabi is quite weak and also slow in duration at the beginning of the match. You will need a long time to farm while keeping Hanabi from getting caught in battle. Hanabi is more likely to waste Mana, especially when activating skills 1 and 2. You must be precise when attacking so that Mana will not be used up in vain.

The Most Painful Emblem & Build Hanabi (Full Damage).  TOP GLOBAL 1 version

Build Item

1. Corrosion Scythe 

The price of Corrosion Scythe is 2050 gold, Corrosion Scythe provides the following upgrades:

+ 50 Physical attack

+ 5% Movement SPD

+ 25% attack speed

The increase in this item is quite good because it not only increases damage but also increases move speed and attack speed. This increase is very much needed by heroes, especially during the late game.

Corrosion Scythe's Passive

Corrosion Scythe has 2 passives namely:

Corrosion: Each basic attack will hit the opponent will give a slow effect of 8% for 1.5 seconds with a total stack of 5. So, this item is very useful when by one or chasing opponents.

Impulse: Each basic attack will increase attack speed by 8% for 5 seconds with a total stack of 5. It is certain that your hero's attack speed will be crazy and overwhelm the opponent.

2. Golden Staff

The explanation of the Golden Staff item will focus on its passive because in terms of attributes it only adds +55 physical attack and +15% attack speed.

The amount of additional attack speed from the active attributes above is still less than Wind Talker which adds +20% attack speed. Even so, the passive of Golden Staff makes this item more often used and prioritized in certain early hero builds.

Golden Staff has two passive effects, namely Swift, where every 1 percent critical chance will be converted into 1 percent extra attack speed.

While the second unique passive is called Endless Strike, where after 2 non-critical basic attacks come out, the attack speed for the next basic attack increases by 100 per cent (And the attack speed cap can increase up to 500 per cent), while triggering the attack effect twice.

The Golden Staff would be perfect if paired with items like the Demon Hunter Sword because aside from also having an attack speed attribute of up to 25 per cent, the DHS can leak thick opponents.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

The Demon Hunter Sword item in Mobile Legends provides a significant stat addition to increase the hero's attack ability. With an additional +35 Physical Attack, this item provides additional power to the hero's physical attacks.

In fact, it can increase the potential damage done in battle. In addition, the +25% Attack Speed boost accelerates the hero's attack rate.

This allows him to perform more basic attacks at the same time.

The combination of these two stat increases makes Demon Hunter Sword a popular choice for players. Especially for marksman and assassin heroes who rely on fast and powerful attacks in defeating opponents.

4. Sea Helberd

The main attribute and passive of Sea Halberd is Lifebane. This means that dealing any damage to the target will reduce the regen, heal, and shield effects by 50 per cent for three seconds.

In addition, there is another passive that makes Sea Halberd actually a thick hero counter item like Malefic Roar or DHS as well. Namely the Punish passive, where damage will increase by 8 per cent to enemy heroes with greater extra HP.

That's not counting the basic attributes that also add physical attack and attack speed.

+80 physical attack

+25% attack speed

5. Rose Gold Meteor

This item costs 2120 gold and provides the following upgrades:

+60 physical attack

+30 magical defense

+5% physical life steal

Rose Gold Meteor's Passive

This item has a passive called Lifeline: When hp is reduced below 30%, your hero will get a shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage. In addition, your hero will also get an additional magic defense of 25. The shield you get will last for 3 seconds with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

For the emblem, it uses the Assassin Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Swift: Increase 10% extra attack speed.

Weapons Master: Physical Attack and Magic Power obtained from Equipment, Emblems, Talents, and Skills increased by 5%

Quantum Charge: To increase 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (CD: 8 seconds).

Video on Youtube : How to Play Hanabi Marksman Gold Line - Mobile Legends

Battle Spell

For the spell, in this build we use Aegis which can produce a shield.

Since Hanabi's blood is quite thin, this Aegis spell is highly recommended.


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