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The Bee and The Ant

Long ago, the world was teeming with bees. Among them was Dimo, a bee who had lost his mother to a scorpion's sting. Bereft and alone, he became a wanderer. His journey led him to a sprawling desert where, amidst the endless sands, Dimo found himself overwhelmed by thirst and hunger.

"I need to find food and water, but where?" Dimo pondered. Despite this, Dimo was determined not to give up. He continued his search for sustenance. After some time, he spotted what appeared to be water and food in the distance. However, upon approaching, he found nothing but an endless stretch of sand. Disheartened, Dimo returned across the desert. Shortly thereafter, he encountered an ant laboring to transport her eggs and decided to approach her.

"Hi, ant. What's your name?"

"My name is Tiki. What's your name?"

"I'm Dimo. Do you want to be my best friend?" Tiki nodded happily.

"Great! Then let's find water and food together?" Tiki nodded again.

In their haste to find food, they traversed the desert for an extended period until they stumbled upon a spring of clean, fresh water. Adjacent to the spring stood a date palm tree, laden with abundant and sweet fruit. Tiki and Dimo were ecstatic. They eagerly quenched their thirst and sated their hunger to their hearts' content.

After they were completely full, they immediately looked for a place to stay. Two days later they found what they thought was the right place to live. It was in a large meadow. They would not lack food because on the edge of the meadow there were many fruit trees and a very clean spring. Tiki and Dimo lived in harmony. Their friendship grew stronger every day. They lived safely, peacefully and happily.


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