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The Tale of the Deer and the Turtle

 There lived a deer in ancient times. He was very arrogant and grumpy. He often underestimated the abilities of other animals.

One day the deer went for a walk by the lake. He met a turtle who seemed to be just wandering around. "Turtle, what are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for a source of livelihood," replied the turtle.

The deer suddenly became angry at the turtle's reply. "Don't act like you're a turtle! You're just pacing around and pretending to be looking for a livelihood!"

The turtle tried to explain, but the deer remained angry. In fact, the deer threatened to step on the turtle's body. The exasperated tortoise finally challenged to pit the strength of the leg calves.

The deer was furious at the turtle's challenge to a calf fight. He asked the turtle to kick his calf first. "Kick as hard as you can, as hard as you can!"

The turtle was not willing to do so. He said, "If I kick your calf, you will fall down and not be able to kick me back."

The deer became even angrier at the turtle's words. He got ready to kick. He took his time. When he felt it was right, he kicked with his front foot as hard as he could.

When the deer swung its leg, the turtle immediately put its legs inside its shell. The deer's kick only hit an empty spot. The deer was furious that his kick missed. He then stomped hard on the tortoise's shell. As a result, the turtle's body sank into the ground. The deer thought the turtle was dead. He left the turtle.

The turtle tried hard to get out of the ground. After a week of trying, the turtle finally managed to get out of the ground. He then looked for the deer. He found the deer after a few days of searching. "Get ready Deer, it's my turn to kick."

The deer just underestimated the turtle's ability. "Do your best to kick my calf. Come on, don't hesitate!"

The turtle was alert and took a stand on high ground. He then rolled his body. When it was almost near the deer's body, it raised its body until its body floated. The turtle aimed for the deer's nose. So hard did the turtle's shell hit that the deer's nose broke off. Instantly, the proud deer died.

The moral message of the Deer and the Tortoise teaches us not to be arrogant or underestimate others' abilities. Arrogance can lead to loss and regret in the future.


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