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Apart from giving advice, there are other ways that are more fun to do in giving positive messages to children, one of which is watching films. Of course, the films that are shown to children are not just any films but children's films that are educational.

In between watching the film, parents can provide feedback or information about the film. Then at the end of the film, parents can inform the moral message of the film watched with the child.

So, what films are recommended to watch with children because they are educational and have good moral values behind them?


1. The BFG: Big Friendly Giant (2016)

Big Friendly Giant is a children's film filled with adventure and comedy. Although it contains elements of comedy, a good moral message is still given from this film.

This film teaches children not to be prejudiced against people just because of their appearance. Throughout the film, we will be presented with a different picture of giants than usual. The giants in this film are portrayed as friendly, sweet, and kind.

In addition, by watching this film, children can also learn the importance of family, friendship, and fighting for their dreams..

2. Elena of Avalor (2016)

Still a film released in 2016, Elena of Avalor is a children's educational film produced by Disney Studio. This cartoon from Disney introduces a new Disney princess named Elena.

Since its first airing, this film has been immediately flooded with audiences and many like it, especially children. From this film, children will learn family values and help from the figure of Princess Elena.

3. Coco (2017)

Coco is a film directed by Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich. This American animated film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios in conjunction with Walt Disney Pictures.

The film tells the story of a Mexican boy named Miguel Rivera who lives with his great-grandmother Coco in a small, remote village. Miguel Rivera is a creative child and has a hobby of music. He also loves to sing.

However, music is something that is forbidden in his family. So, does Miguel Rivera give up on his dream or fight for his dream? Watch the film for yourself.

4. Nussa the Movie (2021)

Nussa The Movie is an Indonesian animation produced by The Little Giantz animation studio and 4Stripe Productions. This film also appeared on the big screen with the title NUSSA: The Movie on 14 October 2021.

The film tells the story of a child named Nussa who wants to win a science competition. It's just that he has the challenge of having to deal with rivals who score higher than him, namely Joni. How does Nussa fight for her dream?

This film is very educational and will teach children the importance of enthusiasm in achieving goals and aspirations.

5. Turning Red (2022)

If your child is 8 years old and above, the educational children's film Turning Red, which was released in 2022, is perfect to watch.

This film tells the story of a young girl who is entering puberty. She experiences the ups and downs of life. The film also highlights the life of the girl's family and friends.

The sweet and touching narration throughout the film will make children amazed while being able to capture the moral message behind it.

6. Keluarga Cemara 2 (2022)

Want to watch an educational children's film with your extended family? You can watch a film called Keluarga Cemara 2 which was released in 2022.

This film is the second sequel to the film of the same name, Keluarga Cemara, which was released in 2018. The educational value that can be learned from this film is about how each family member supports each other to face various difficulties and challenges.

Apart from educational children's films, conveying positive messages to children can also be done by reading fairy tales. Many light-hearted fairy tales can be told to children with good moral messages behind them.

That's the information we can share this time regarding children's films that are educational and recommended to watch with children. Give a light moral message from the educational children's film.



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