How to Attack Using Hog Rider for Town Hall 8 and 9 - Clash of Clans

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Good evening, this time I will share how to use hog rider effectively and efficiently to destroy Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9. Having a level 4 Hog Rider is one of the best things in TH 8 but getting 3 stars in Clan War is not that easy. You only need to have a Level 4 hog to destroy your opponent's entire base building if you're dealing with Town hall 8. If your opponent is TH 9, you'll need at least a level 5 hog rider to ensure your 3 stars.

Although usually players prefer to use dragon power at the beginning of TH 8 and use Go Wipe at the end of TH8 but using Hog Rider is quite necessary and quite easy in my opinion in farming and in Clan Wars. This depends on the layout of the enemy base, if the location of the defense building is close to being closed by many walls, this is your chance to try to get 3 stars by using the hog rider, because the location of the adjacent walls will speed up the hog rider's movement to pass through the wall and destroy the opponent's defense building. But you still have to be careful if there is a hole in the middle of the opponent's base, it could be where the giant bomb is located. The weakness of the Hog rider is the giant bomb, if the hog rider is hit by a giant bomb that is installed close together, then your hog will die immediately.

Here are tips for using the Hog Rider in TH 8

  1. Try to practice using the Hog Rider and analyze its power. You can combine it with the Barbarian King's power.
  2. Do not use in Clan War unless they are level 4. Even a level 3 Hog Rider is pretty terrible.
  3. Using Hog Rider to destroy the early TH 9 is entirely possible.
  4. If the base has an enclosed room, all traps and giant bombs are located outside. This is your chance to use the Hog Rider.
  5. Watch out for the anti-Hog Rider base. The layout of the base includes placing giant bombs side by side.
  6. When you attack, don't forget to lure the contents of the enemy Clan Castle by using 2 hogs. Prepare barbarian, archer or wizard troops to kill the contents of the clan castle.
  7. If you're convinced to use hog riders as your assault troops, you should consider taking the time to destroy all enemy buildings. You can use an archer, barbarian, or wizard to level everything. I highly recommend using the wizard.


Hog Rider attack steps in TH 8

  1. Lure the contents of the opponent's clan castle with 1-2 hog riders only, and make sure the contents of the clan castle are all out.
  2. Use 1-2 archers to lure the opponent's corner of the base
  3. You can use poison spells to kill your opponent's tropes in the corner of the base.
  4. You can replace poison spells with tropes like archer or wizard
  5. Use 4 earthquakes to destroy the wall to let the golem in.
  6. Fill your clan castle with max level golems from your clan mates
  7. Take out the golem from your clan castle in the centre of the enemy base and the wizard behind it
  8. You can take out the barbarian king at this time too
  9. Once the golem, and barbarian king enter the center of the base, all defense buildings will attack them.
  10. Well, this is the perfect time to take out the hog rider. Because the enemy defense building is busy with golems and barbarian kings, the hog rider can freely destroy the opponent's defense building.
  11. However, you must still be careful with giant bombs. You can drop healing spells to restore your hog rider's HP.
  12. You can use the cleaning squad to clean up all the remaining buildings.
  13. Congratulations on earning 3 stars in the clan war against TH 8.

Attack steps with Hog Rider in TH 9

  1. First, lure the contents of the enemy Clan Castle with 1-2 hog riders. 
  2. Make sure the contents of clan castle lawa are all out
  3. You can lure them into the corner of your opponent's base with 1-2 archers
  4. Use poison spells to kill them. You can replace poison spells with tropes like wizard and archer, you can even use archer queen to kill them. And don't forget to use the special Royal Cloak Archer Queen so that your Archer Queen doesn't die easily.
  5. Use 4 earthquake spells to make way for your golems
  6. Use at least 2 golems to pierce the center of the opponent's base
  7. Your 2 golems can be assisted by the barbarian king with his Iron Fist special.
  8. After all your opponent's defense buildings attack the golem and barbarian king, you can take out the hog rider on the nearest side with the x-bow.
  9. Beforehand, make sure your opponent's x-bow is attacking the golem or barbarian king.
  10. Once the x-bow is destroyed, your hog rider will be free to destroy any other remaining defenses.
  11. Lastly, bring cleansing troops such as barbarians, archers or minions of at least 10 to ensure you get 3 stars.
  12. Congratulations on earning 3 stars in the clan war against TH 9.
Video on Youtube : How to Attack Using Hog Rider

Happy training with Hog Rider...!!!


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