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A Tale of Moon Fairy

 In a village, there lived a girl named Wulan. She was a poor girl with a gloomy face who suffered from a skin disease. Because of her skin disease, she was ostracized and had to wear a veil when travelling.

Wulan actually doesn't like wearing the veil. But because she was too lazy to be mocked, shunned and considered 'different', she was forced to wear the veil wherever she went.

One night, Wulan dreamt of meeting a prince named Rangga. Rangga was a king's son who was famous for his handsome looks and friendly demeanour. Wulan fell in love with the prince in her dream. She dreamt of him more and more often.

Until one day, Wulan told her mother about her dream. However, her mother said, "Never mind Wulan, don't dream too much. How can a handsome prince fall in love with ordinary people like us?"

Wulan was sad to hear her mother's advice. However, she also thought that she did not deserve to be loved, especially by a handsome prince like Rangga who often came to her dreams.

One day, Wulan was asked by her mother to collect firewood in the forest. Wulan hurried to do her job. Wulan looked for firewood until it was getting late. But when the night began to loom and Wulan wanted to go home, she suddenly forgot the way home.

Luckily, Wulan was approached by hundreds of fireflies who seemed to give her the light to walk. Wulan followed where the fireflies flew while saying, "Thank you fireflies, you have made my way bright!".

She continued to walk with the fireflies that lit the way. However, the further Wulan travelled, the further into the forest she felt.

"I'm lost!" said Wulan frantically.

"Don't be afraid Wulan! We were meant to bring you here, where your face can be healed." Said a firefly to Wulan.

Seeing such an unusual thing, of course Wulan was both panicked and amazed. She said, "Can you speak fireflies?"

"Yes, we can talk. Don't be afraid! We will take you to a place where your illness can be cured. Follow us!"

Wulan followed where the fireflies went. Eventually, they arrived at the edge of the lake. The fireflies flew into the sky and instantly the black clouds in the sky parted along with the fireflies. The moon was shining brightly, and soon from the shadow of the moon appeared a very beautiful woman.

Wulan was amazed and shocked and asked, "Who..., who are you?"

"I am the Moon Fairy. I will heal your face."

"Wulan, you have been tested and you have been patient. Because of your patience and clarity of heart, you deserve to receive this beauty water from me. Wipe your face with this beauty water, and your skin disease will be cured."

"Thank you, Moon Fairy." Wulan said happily.

Wulan went home with the beauty water from the Moon Fairy. Arriving home, she washed her face and body with the beauty water. Soon, her skin disease was cured. Her face shone brightly, and beauty radiated from her face.

Seeing this, Wulan's mother was very happy and surprised at the same time. She asked her daughter, "How did this happen, Wulan?"

Wulan told her mother in detail about her experience. Information about Wulan's recovery spread throughout the village. Even the neighbouring village got the news.

"Yes, Wulan has recovered. In fact, her face is really beautiful. White and clean like the bright moonlight." Said the villager who told me about Wulan.

The news also reached the Kingdom. Prince Rangga was finally curious and intended to find Wulan. After finding Wulan, Prince Rangga fell in love and finally proposed to Wulan.

Life lesson:

Never underestimate a dream. Dream as high as you can because with effort, hard work and prayer, everything that seems impossible or hard to achieve can become possible. Good luck with your dreams


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