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Baby's Storybook Lyrics - Kid Songs

 Here is baby's storybook,

(Palms together, like in prayer)

Opening up wide.

('Open' the book, palms facing upward,

with pinkies touching each other)

Here are birdies flying high

(Thumbs together, use other fingers

to flap, like wings)

That you'll find inside.

Here's a little windmill

Whirling 'round and 'round.

(Pointer fingers facing each other,

spin them around in circles)

And here is baby's rattle,

(Hand in fist, as if holding a rattle)

Such a noisy sound! Chh, chh, chh!

(Pretend to shake rattle while making 'chh' sound)

Here is baby's cradle,

(Fingers intertwined, with pointer

fingers up -- like church steeple)

Soft and warm and white.

This is how the baby

Goes to sleep at night.

(Cup hands together at shoulder,

resting head on hands, eyes closed)

Here's the big round sun

(Make big circle with arms over head)

That wakes the baby up.

And this is how she takes a drink

From her little cup.

(Hand fisted, as if holding a cup.

Bring cup to mouth to 'drink')

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