Animals Story - The Deer and the Crocodile

The tale of the clever deer is a classic story that resonates with many. Known for his wit and helpful nature, the deer was a respected figure among the forest creatures. 

One particularly hungry day, the deer faced a challenge: he needed to cross a river to find food. His cleverness led him to a crocodile, whom he approached with a cunning plan. 

The deer told the crocodile, "The king of the forest has sent me to fetch meat from across the river for you crocodiles. However, I need to cross the river first." The crocodile, intrigued by the offer, agreed, "Alright, we'll form a line across the river to help you cross."

Trusting the deer's words, the crocodiles lined up from one bank to the other, creating a bridge for the deer to cross. With their assistance, the deer successfully reached the other side. Yet, upon arrival, he quickly thanked the crocodiles and dashed away, leaving them feeling deceived and upset.

This story serves as a valuable lesson for children, imparted by parents, about the importance of using one's cleverness responsibly, without causing harm to others.


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