Animals Story - The Friendship Between A Mouse and A Lion

Once upon a time, in a lush forest, there was a tale of a mouse and a lion that serves as a beautiful lesson in kindness for children. The story goes that a mouse, unaware of the lion's presence, disturbed the lion's peaceful nap. This angered the lion, who, in his irritation, considered devouring the mouse.

Trembling with fear, the mouse pleaded for mercy, promising never to bother the lion again and to someday repay his kindness. Moved by the mouse's plea, the lion released him. The mouse, overjoyed and grateful, scampered away, vowing to honor his promise.

As fate would have it, the lion found himself ensnared in a hunter's net, roaring in distress. Remembering the mouse's promise, he called out for help. True to his word, the mouse rushed to the lion's aid, skillfully gnawing through the ropes until the lion was freed. Together, they fled to safety, their bond strengthened by the acts of kindness they had exchanged.

The story of the friendship between these two animals can be an inspiration for children to always do good and remember all the kindness we receive.


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