Animals Story - The Ant and The Grasshopper

Summer's warm, sunny days are a little tempting for grasshoppers to play their favorite violin while singing and dancing. That's what the grasshopper does almost every day. It doesn't think of doing other activities like working or preparing to gather winter provisions.

It never crossed the grasshopper's mind that the summer he was enjoying was coming to an end. The summer that made him cheerful is about to change to winter, where it will rain heavily with very low temperatures.

While the grasshopper was busy playing the violin, he saw the ants who were actively passing by his house. The happy grasshopper wanted to invite the ants to play together, and he invited the ants to have fun at the grasshopper's house.

To the grasshopper's surprise, the ant refused the grasshopper's invitation politely, the ant said to the grasshopper,

"Sorry Grasshopper, I still want to work for winter provisions. I need to accumulate a lot of food reserves as well as repair the residence to make it warmer."

"Stop thinking about unimportant things ant, let's sing and have fun, let's enjoy our lives", argued the grasshopper. The grasshopper was still in the habit of having fun without thinking about anything.

Unexpectedly, summer ended much earlier than usual. The grasshopper, who was used to being happy, panicked. He did not have enough food supplies plus his house was damaged and uninhabitable due to a storm.

Amidst great expectations and lethargy, the grasshopper went to the ant's house and asked for help to be allowed to live together and ask for food. Hearing this request the ant replied, "I'm sorry grasshopper I can't help you, my house is too small for you, and my provisions are only enough for my family".

The grasshopper finally left the ant's house with regret and sadness. He muttered to himself, "If only I had followed the ant's advice at that time to work hard, I would have been full by now and sleeping peacefully in my house".

The end.

The moral of this fable: Use your time wisely for something useful, because we never know what will happen tomorrow.


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