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Attack Strategy Using Minions - Clash of Clans

Minions, categorized as Dark Troops in Clash of Clans, are commonly utilized by players primarily for "farming" or treasure hunting. They are often combined with balloons in a strategy known as "Balloonion." Additionally, minions are frequently used alongside archers or barbarians.

Minions are Clash of Clans troops capable of flight. Despite their small size, they can swiftly fly and destroy enemy buildings by spewing a liquid from their mouths. Minions possess two sharp, prominent horns on their heads, diminutive wings, large hands, and razor-sharp claws. They are inexpensive and quick to produce. Minions launch attacks by ejecting dark elixir from their mouths to annihilate adversaries. They can target ground units, air units, and structures. As aerial units, Minions are impervious to cannons, mortars, and ground-mode X-Bows. However, their vulnerability lies in their weakness to air bombs and Air Defense, which can easily eliminate them. Minions have the lowest hit points and the least damage per second of all the troops.

Details about Minions

  • Favourite Target: anything
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Attack Type: Ground and Air
  • Attack speed: 1s
  • Attack area: 2.75
  • Space Army: 2
  • Manufacture time: 45s
  • Movement speed: 32

Tips for Surviving Minion Attacks

  1. Aerial bombs are very effective at killing minions and can even kill a group of minions at once. The best place to place an aerial bomb is near your Storage.
  2. If you have an x-bow set your x-bow with air and ground attack types.
  3. Protect the air defense and archer tower by placing them near the wizard tower, because the wizard tower can kill a group of minions at once.
  4. Do not place aerial bombs outside the village, Attackers usually check if there are aerial bombs outside the village before they attack.
  5. Request minions in Clan Castle to your teammates as defense troops.

Tips for Attacking Using Minions

  1. Carrying a small number of minions when you attack, can at least destroy enemy ground defenses such as canons and mortars.
  2. Releasing the minions should not be all at the same time. This is to check the location of the air bombs.
  3. Minions are great to use in an offensive strategy if you want to increase your trophies.
  4. If you attack with other air tropes such as dragon or balloon, you can release minions at the end, and those air tropes act as shields for the minions.
  5. Use a combination of dragons and balloons to destroy Town Hall 8, you can bring out minions just to clean up the rest of the building.
  6. You only need 3-5 minions to clear all of them.

Actually, minions are not ideal for use in clan wars because they serve primarily as cleaning troops or backup troops (troops deployed at the final moments of the war). Therefore, if you plan to include minions in your clan war lineup, it's advisable not to bring too many—just 3-5 minions should suffice. The advantage of having minions is that when time is running out and there are still one or two buildings at the corners of the enemy's base that the main troops haven't destroyed, you can deploy these minions to take down the buildings, potentially securing a 3-star victory in the clan war.

Hopefully this article about tips and strategies for using minions is useful!!!!


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