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Should I upgrade the Gold Mine, Elixir Collector and Dark Elixir Drill? - Clash of Clans

All Clash of Clans players have likely pondered whether to upgrade the gold mine, elixir collector, or dark elixir drill at some point. This decision is challenging for both new and veteran players. Even at Town Hall 9, I focused solely on upgrading these resources. In this article, I will explore the importance and necessity of upgrading the gold mine, elixir collector, and dark elixir drill, as well as the optimal timing for these upgrades.

In my view, if you infrequently play COC on your mobile phone, it's wise to maximize your Gold Mine and Elixir Collector upgrades. This way, you'll accumulate a substantial number of resources each time you log in. Conversely, if you're an active player, prioritizing these upgrades isn't essential since you're already amassing considerable loot from raiding other villages. Active players often consider fortifying defenses a higher priority than resource upgrades.

So that's how much time we spend upgrading all of them. Are you going to upgrade them all? That's up to us. If I may suggest you should still upgrade them, because you will need golden mine, elixir collector, dark elixir drill at max level.

When is the best time to upgrade gold mine, elixir collector or elixir drill?

But no matter how you play the game, you will always need them at the max level. The best time to upgrade these is when you are at TH11.

Lastly, I would say upgrade your defense building first, of course, because it's the first and foremost thing in this game!!!


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