Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Children

Many individuals may not realize that listening to bedtime stories before bedtime can offer numerous advantages for children. What advantages do fairy tales provide when they are heard before sleep?

In this session, we will provide comprehensive and engaging information about the significant aspects and benefits of listening to bedtime fairy tales for children. Check it out, mom!

1. Enhance your child's memory skills.

When a bedtime story is read, the child's brain will be stimulated to think about the characters, and he will also remember what his parents told him.

Hence, after reading bedtime stories, it's beneficial to ask the child to recount the story. This exercise encourages the child to remember and retell the narrative, thereby enhancing their memory skills and sharpening their cognitive abilities.

Repeatedly engaging in the habit of reading the same bedtime stories, or varying the stories, enhances the acuity of thought and memory.

2. Helps develop children's imagination

Children aged 2 to 7 years have their own imagination. In fact, they also have imaginary friends as their own playmates.

This is not a wrong thing actually because it can help their development process. But even so, parents still have to control their imagination so that the imagination that is awakened is a good imagination or a positive imagination.

One way to control them with a good imagination is to read bedtime stories that have good moral values so that children can learn and be more directed.

3. Improve your child's language skills

One of the ways of early stimulation that is commonly used to stimulate children's language skills is through fairy tales, especially girls. Even through research, girls tend to master language skills through fairy tales faster than boys.

But that doesn't mean boys can't be stimulated through bedtime stories. If done continuously, these language skills will appear, but it does require more patience. This happens because girls' multitasking skills, focus and concentration are much better compared to boys.

4. Improves the skills to think critically

Usually, bedtime stories tell extraordinary things that may not happen like what is told. 

In the fabled, the characters can speak. Well, children who usually have high curiosity will wonder if the fairy tale read is true. Or even when invited to the zoo and meet a bedtime stories character that is read aloud, his brain will start thinking many things. This is very good for your little one's brain development.

5. Train your child to listen

Getting children used to listening to fairy tales before bed is also very important to train their hearing. Children will focus on the storyline being heard. This also trains their ability to study and concentrate.

6. Train your child to speak

After listening to a new vocabulary, it will be easier for children to imitate the sounds they hear. This will certainly prevent children from speech delay or speech delay.

7. Form emotional intelligence early on

Emotional intelligence is crucial when it comes to children adapting to new environments. Bedtime stories that convey moral lessons, such as the importance of helping one another, cooperating, and refraining from harming others, typically foster emotional intelligence in children.

Thus, after reading the bedtime stories and ensuring the child recalls the plot, it is beneficial to discuss the moral of the story. This way, the child can learn to manage their emotions effectively in different situations they encounter.

8. Increase children's interest in reading

Children who have an interest in bedtime stories will indirectly have a higher sense of curiosity. The easiest way to tell a story to a child is to read a storybook to them.

You can also always read different storybooks to your child. That way, children's interest in reading will increase by itself.

Furthermore, bedtime stories offer children significant benefits by instilling moral values and nurturing empathy and sympathy towards others. This ensures that children develop into compassionate rather than apathetic individuals.


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