The Importance of Reading for Children

While children typically achieve reading fluency by the age of 6, it is crucial to cultivate an interest in reading from an early age. Parents should recognize the significance of reading for children and nurture this interest during the pivotal years of their development.

Cultivating a reading interest from a young age makes it easier for parents to instill a culture of reading in their children, which is crucial for their cognitive growth and development.

Regarding what are the importance of reading for children that parents need to understand, here we will provide a complete discussion for you!

1. Helps stimulate children's brain development

One of the benefits of the importance of reading for children which is certainly no longer a taboo thing to discuss is related to the development of the child's brain. Yes, reading can be one way that can be done to stimulate brain growth and development and the way of thinking.

It is crucial to understand that a child's brain development is exceptionally rapid during the first 1,000 days of life. Hence, from birth to the age of 2 years, it is important to provide optimal stimulation to enhance their brain growth.

One way that can be done is by reading. Reading can make children's vocabulary and grammar wider so that they can certainly build verbal and written communication very well.

2. Help children's mental development

Through reading culture, whether it is giving picture books for your little one to learn or reading fairy tales, it can help develop your little one's emotions and mentality.

Reading and listening to fairy tales can help children to be calmer and can be a means of escape when children are bored. They will get the benefits of refreshing and at the same time learn from listening to reading.

3. Improve socialization skills better

As previously explained, reading can give many messages to children so that it will greatly affect their language and emotional skills.

Because their language and emotional skills are well managed, it will be easier for children to socialize with their peers.

4. Make it easier for children to manage stress

Because often listening to fairy tales or stories, reading books filled with pictures, children will find it easier to manage stress. Yes, not only parents can feel bored and stressed, so can children.

Therefore, parents must have strategies to manage children's stress, one of which is by bringing children closer to reading.

5. Help children excel academically

Every parent wants their child to succeed in academics. Well, reading and listening to reading for children can be one of the keys to children's academic success from an early age.

If children have been accustomed to reading since childhood, until adulthood they will get used to reading in their daily lives and this is very important for their academics. Children who are cultured to read and listen to reading from an early age are proven to have better attention, good concentration and have broader knowledge.

This will certainly greatly support the teaching and learning process when children are already in school.

6. To make a bonding

Reading can be a very fun moment for children if they get used to it.

When a child cannot read on his own and he focuses on listening to parents read fairy tales to him, it can be a means of bonding between parents and children. A closer and more intense bond between parents and children will be more established.

If parents feel busy taking their children to read and read fairy tales, parents can do these activities at night before going to bed. 

7. Supporting their future

Children who like to read books and listen to stories usually have a good imagination. It can also provide a better future for children. They usually also tend to have much more directed future goals.

That's a little information that we can share regarding the importance of reading for children that parents need to understand. So, make sure to support his brain development in various ways, including increasing his interest in reading. Hopefully the information we share above will be interesting and useful information.


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