How to Attack Using the Lava Hound - Clash of Clans

Good evening, tonight I'd like to share what I know about the Lava Hound. You might wonder, what kind of dish is that? It sounds like a tasty fry, doesn't it? Well, the Lava Hound is actually an air unit in Clash of Clans. These formidable creatures have high hit points and a strong preference for targeting Air Defenses. Upon defeat, a Lava Hound bursts into numerous smaller Lava Pups, which are much weaker than their predecessor.

The Lava Hound, with its high HP, is frequently utilized as a tank in aerial assaults. It can be paired with other troops like dragons and balloons. I believe that the most effective pairing for a Lava Hound is with balloons.

Things you need to know about Lava Hound

  • Lava Hounds are almost the same as Golems, except that they are born in the form of fire, and they can fly.
  • You can summon the Lava Hound once you have Dark Barracks level 6.
  • Lava Hounds are a type of troop that fights at close range.
  • The Lava Hound's favourite target is Air Defense. They will destroy Defense buildings, if there is no Air Defense in the enemy village. Air Defense is their favourite food.
  • Just like Troops that love defensive buildings, the Lava Hound will not change its target even if there are enemy defense troops attacking it.
  • After destroying all the defense buildings, the Lava Hound will destroy the building closest to them.
  • If the Lava Hound dies, his death does not cause destruction to the surrounding buildings, unlike balloons or golems. But if he dies, he will divide himself into small lava called Lava Pups.
  • At levels 1 and 2 the lava hound still looks black and does not yet have too much red on its body. Its strength is still very small
  • Lava hounds at level 3 already have a lot of red on their bodies. The red color is like the red and yellow lava of a volcano.
  • A level 4 lava hound, its back turns red like lava. It lights up and is very strong in defense and attack.

Lava hound's ability to defend and attack

Lava hound level 1
  • Damage per Second = 10
  • Damage per Hit = 20
  • Damage Upon Death = 100
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 8
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 8
  • Hitpoints = 6.100
  • Research Cost = -
  • Research Time = -
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured =  -
Lava hound level 2
  • Damage per Second = 12
  • Damage per Hit = 24
  • Damage Upon Death = 150
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 10
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 9
  • Hitpoints = 6.500
  • Research Cost = 28.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 12 days 12 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 7
Lava hound level 3
  • Damage per Second = 14
  • Damage per Hit = 28
  • Damage Upon Death = 200
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 12
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 10
  • Hitpoints = 6.800
  • Research Cost = 43  dark elixir
  • Research Time = 4 days
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 8
Lava hound level 4
  • Damage per Second = 16
  • Damage per Hit = 32
  • Damage Upon Death = 250
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 14
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 11
  • Hitpoints =  7.200
  • Research Cost = 85.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 6 days 6 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 9
Lava hound level 5
  • Damage per Second = 18
  • Damage per Hit = 36
  • Damage Upon Death = 300
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 16 
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 12
  • Hitpoints = 7.600
  • Research Cost = 120.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 7 days
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 10
Lava hound level 6
  • Damage per Second = 20
  • Damage per Hit = 40
  • Damage Upon Death = 350
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 18
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 13
  • Hitpoints = 8.000
  • Research Cost = 160.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 8 days
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 11

Get to Know the Lava Pups

  • Lava pus is born from lava hounds that died after a battle. Although they have almost the same body as their mother, they have a strong attacking nature.
  • Lava Pups have a fiery yellow colour on all parts of their body
  • The attack damage is greater than the lava hound although it is easier to die anyway...
  • Lava Hound has an attack target or favourite target is air defense. While lava pups do not have a favourite target like their parents, they will attack the unit closest to them.
  • The adjacent lava pups will all die if hit by just one aerial bomb (the red aerial bomb). Unlike his father who will not die even if hit by more than 10 aerial bombs.
  • Lava pups are very vulnerable to wizard towers and Xbow. That's the weakness of lava pups
  • Tier 1 lava pups have 35 damage per second, 35 attack damage, 50 hit points.
  • Lava pups have attack target = none, attack type = ground and air, Movement speed = 32, Attack speed = 1s, Attack distance = 2 tiles

Attack Strategy with Lava Hound

  • Like Golems, Lava Hounds have a lot of HP. They are always used in battle as shields or fortifications. And because they are air troops, they are excellent for protecting other troops such as balloons, dragons or minions, and can even be used to protect Healers.
  • Watch out for the Inferno Tower, as they will kill your Lava quickly.
  • Use 2-4 Lava in battle, not too much, as your attacks will be wasted
  • Sometimes there are players who combine Lava, Giant and Healer.
  • All of the strongest airstrike strategies are using Lava Hounds like LaBaGo or Lavanoonion.
  • In my experience, lava hounds work best in combination with hot air balloons. TH 8 or TH 9 will definitely flatten if you use it correctly.
  • You can add the rage spel to increase the power of the lava and use the haste spel to move the balloon quickly to the centre of the base.
  • You can also combine this lava hound with a dragon/dragon. they will be a strong pair against TH 8 and TH 9.

How to Survive a Lava Hound Attack

  • Do not place Air Defense close together but place them far apart.
  • Placing aerial bombs next to Air Defense
  • If you have Inferno Tower, set your Inferno with Single Target.
  • Lava Hounds are not good at defensive strategies because their damage is low, so they only deal a small amount of damage.

Lava Hound as CC Fill

Some players opt to use the Lava Hound in their Clan Castle during clan wars. The Lava Hound can be an effective defensive strategy, particularly for TH 9 defenses, and it's also viable for TH 10. However, its weakness lies in its vulnerability to fast, ground-based attack strategies, such as those involving Valkyries. If the Lava Hound doesn't transform into Lava Pups by the war's end, its low damage output means that Valkyries can easily decimate your base. Therefore, if you decide to deploy Lava Hounds in your Clan Castle, ensure they have the opportunity to become Lava Pups.

Lava Pups can serve as an effective defense due to their sheer numbers and the fact that they inflict more damage than their progenitor, the Lava Hound. Enemy troops can become disoriented by the swarm of Lava Pups in the air. Consider a Clan Castle filled with level 4 Lava Hounds; upon their defeat, each would spawn 14 Lava Pups. This can certainly disrupt and divide the attention of the opposing player during an attack.

I trust you'll find this article beneficial. Enjoy your battles with Lava Hounds and Lava Pups... thank you... ^^


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