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Finger Techniques in Playing Clash of Clans

Today, I will discuss effective finger usage for playing Clash of Clans. Initially, deploying troops with precision was challenging for me, as controlling my fingers didn't come easily. Initially, I would deploy troops using just my right index finger. Now, I will share techniques for playing Clash of Clans using both hands.

The deployment of your troops is crucial to your attack strategy. Incorrect timing, such as deploying too early or too late, can compromise your assault. Initially, most players use two fingers, typically the index and thumb, to deploy troops. However, if your mobile screen supports multitouch, you can efficiently deploy with three or even four fingers simultaneously.

COC Troop Deployment Techniques

1. Lowering troops with one hand
  • In Clash of Clans, you can deploy your troops using up to four fingers on your right hand simultaneously. The thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers are commonly used by players for this purpose. This method enables attacking from a single side and is effective for disrupting the enemy's defense buildings. It remains my preferred technique for launching attacks.
  • To deploy troops using a sliding motion, you can utilize 2-3 fingers to slide them downwards. Place your finger on the screen for 1-2 seconds and then slide down while maintaining contact with the screen. This technique is most effective when there are defensive buildings on the outside. Employ giants or barbarians for distraction, and archers or wizards to deal the finishing blows.

2. Dismount troops with 2 hands

This technique appears to be quite recent for veteran Clash of Clans players.
  • 4-finger technique: This technique involves using both hands, thumbs, and index fingers for the attack. It may seem challenging, but it's worth a try. Position your right index finger on top, the right thumb on the right side, the left thumb at the bottom, and the left index finger on the left side, then hold and slide gently. This method is the fastest and most accurate for deploying troops on all fronts. In mere seconds, your forces will surround the enemy village. Additionally, this strategy allows you to capture mines on the village outskirts. However, beware of the enemy Hero, as your troops might be drawn to them, potentially disrupting your attack plan.
  • The second uses your hands to attack. Your right hand to deploy troops, and your left hand to switch to the various troops/spells you are carrying or vice versa.

And we won't be able to do them all at once. We have to train our fingers to get used to using them...

Happy practicing and good luck...!!!!


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