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The Smart Monkey

The rainy season has made a grand entrance last week, and the mountainside monkeys are in a bit of a pickle. They're scratching their heads, wondering if they should pack their bananas and seek shelter elsewhere or crash at the villagers' places downhill. With the mountainside as bald as a bowling ball, these brainy primates suspect the rain's going to bring down more than just a bad hair day.

Deep in the forest, on a mountainside bustling with monkeys, resided a massive python. This python was the forest's top hunter. It crafted its home amidst the stumps of felled trees. Leading a life of solitude, it lay in wait for its next meal. And when its belly rumbled, the python, adorned in a batik-like pattern, would slither out in search of a snack.

"Cloudy!" muttered the python. "Starting to drizzle! Soon it will rain heavily. I like it so much. At times like this, there are a lot of things that I can prey."

The snake knew that every time it rained the forest animals on the mountainside could only take shelter, sometimes under trees, sometimes in small caves where they hid. There wasn't much they could do but take shelter to wait out the rain.

The python immediately slithered over, sniffing the scent of its prey. Its tongue protruded playfully. Walking leisurely in the rain, the python spotted a tiny macaque taking shelter under a palm tree. The ape shivered.

"Ah, what a delicious lunch," Piton murmured. He was already imagining the deliciousness of every inch of the ape's crispy body. It must be savoury! He thought. If only all that could be done so easily. Then he searched for a strategy to quickly ambush the ape to hit the bull's-eye.

Arriving near the tiny monkey, the python heard the ape whimpering, as if in pain. The python suddenly had a change of heart. Ah, what's wrong with him? Phyton asked himself.

The python slithered back towards the shivering and whimpering monkey alone.

"Hey, Monkey? Are you shivering? Are you moaning? Are you sick? Fever?" Phyton asked after appearing in front of the tiny ape.

"Python? You startled me. Where are you going in this rain?"

"I-I. I'm just passing through. I like the rain. Because I can play in the water. You didn't answer my question, buddy?" said Phyton again.

"Hmm, yes, my leg is indeed hurting. Someone had set a trap at the end of the forest. I got caught in an iron trap. What kind of rat did I think I was? Trapped with something similar to a rat trap. Look at this, my leg is injured. It's a good thing I was able to get away," Monkey whimpered.

"Ah, your wound is quite bad, my friend. The blood is still flowing! If you don't clean it, your leg will rot."

"That's right. There will be a lot of germs it seems. And now I can already feel the germs creeping into my body. Ah, I'm going to die a rotting, bubbling death soon. How is this, Phyton? Ah, why don't you just eat me? Hurry up!" said Monkey pleadingly.

Phyton was a little indecisive. He was in a dilemma; his stomach was hungry, but he was disgusted at the thought of the germ-infested ape that would soon rot.

"Ah, no, no. I can't bear it, my friend. You are being persecuted. You can't prey on a persecuted opponent."

In his heart, Phyton was afraid that the germs in the monkey would be transferred to his body. Phyton's appetite disappeared instantly.

"Oh, is that so, mate?"

"Yes, of course!

"Alright, then I'll go find some water in the river to clean my wound. May I take my leave?"

"Alright. You take it easy, mate. I won't hunt you down next time. Even if you're well again."

"You promised, Phyton?"

"Yes. I promise. There, go. Heal your wounds first. I'm also going to continue my journey. I'm just going to look for squirrels. I'm actually hungry," said Phyton.

"Hmm, alright. Happy hunting, my friend! Hope you get a fat squirrel."

"Thank you, Monkey."

The python slithers away first, leaving the resourceful little ape behind. Monkey is now stunned. He laughs to himself and jokes, "It's so easy to save yourself from snakes. I didn't realize that despite their creepy appearance, they can be so kind sometimes. No wonder, nowadays snakes like pythons are often hunted by humans as pets. Yes, it turns out that they are cute and a little dumb. Maybe that's why they are easy to tame. Ah, whatever."


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