How to Get 3 Stars with the Cleaning Squad - Clash of Clans

In every Clan War, securing 3 stars is a non-negotiable goal for me. Many players fail to achieve 3 stars simply due to not having enough time to destroy the remaining buildings tucked away in the corners of the enemy base. This is precisely why a cleanup squad is essential! Cleanup troops aren't necessary for every raid; it all depends on the layout of the enemy base. If there are isolated buildings in the corners, then that's when you'll need your cleanup troops.

First Cleaning Squad

1. Barbarian

  • Barbarians are the first troops you can have.
  • Barbarians are available at Barracks level 1.
  • The barbarian does not have a favorite target when attacking; using his sword he will destroy all buildings both defensive buildings and other buildings nearby, except if there are opposing clan castle troops, the barbarian will destroy and kill the clan castle troops first and then destroy the nearest building.
  • Barbarian support troops are giant and archer.
  • The Barbarian Horde's weaknesses are Wizard Tower, Giant Bomb and Mortar.
  • Even so, Barbarian hordes are very effective at damaging anything nearby.
  • Barbarians are also often used to lure troops in the opponent's clan castle. You can use 1-2 barbarians only, if the CC is located outside the base.
  • Barbarians can destroy mortars quickly, because barbarians will not be hit by mortar attacks due to their close proximity.


Second Cleaning Squad

2. Archer 

The Archer is a woman known for her combat prowess and exceptionally sharp eyesight. She is strikingly beautiful, charming, and alluring. In the initial levels, her hair is pink, which alters as she progresses through the levels. She carries an arrow holster over her back, a bow in her left hand, and gold bands adorn her upper arms. Additionally, she sports a leather belt with a small pouch attached to it and dons a short, light green dress-like garment.

Archer is the second troop you can have after barbarian. With the combination of archer and barbarian you can destroy your opponent's base easily. Archer has a longer range than his barbarian counterpart because he attacks using arrows. The archer will attack the building closest to him, but if he is dealing with the opponent's clan castle troops then the archer will attack them first.

The Third Cleaning Squad

3. Minion

Minions, a troop type in Clash of Clans, fall under the category of Dark Troops. Players often deploy minions to scavenge or "begal" for resources. A common strategy is to pair minions with balloons, known as the Balloonion strategy. Minions are distinguished by two sharp, large horns on their heads, small wings, and oversized hands with sharp claws. They are inexpensive and quick to produce. Minions launch attacks by spitting dark elixir at their enemies, capable of targeting ground troops, air units, and buildings alike. As aerial units, they are immune to attacks from ground cannons, mortars, and X-bows. However, their vulnerability lies in their low health points (HP) and minimal damage per second, making them easy targets for aerial bombs and Air Defense.

Tips for Using the Cleaning Squad:
  1. Don't give more than 10 space army to the cleansing troops or it will ruin your attack.
  2. If you are using a ground attack type, you can use archers, just bring a maximum of 5.
  3. If you use an airstrike, you can use minions to clear the remaining buildings
  4. Usually if you really don't use it, you should just drop off the cleaning team at the end.
  5. Always predict where your troops will be at the end of the attack
  6. Pay attention to the buildings that your troops will pass by, so you can deploy your cleanup troops in the best places.
  7. Do not place them near defense buildings
  8. If you use a ground attack using the Hog Rider, you can deploy cleanup troops such as archers or wizards at the end of the attack and spread them out.

Here are some tips for achieving 3 stars with cleaning troops, which may prove beneficial.
Bravo Clashers..!!!


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