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As a Clash of Clans enthusiast, you're likely familiar with Gems. These precious stones offer numerous advantages, such as accelerating construction and production processes. The temptation to use Gems during upgrades is common, and many players purchase them to expedite building times, often taking pride in this. However, spending money on Gems may not always be the wisest choice. To ensure appropriate use of Gems, I will provide tips on the best ways to utilize them effectively. Here are the tips:

1. Buy a Builder
Builders are used to build and upgrade buildings or heroes that you have. The higher the level of your building, the longer it will take to upgrade it. If you have a few builders, then the time it will take you to upgrade something will also get longer. Here are the standard builders that you should have in every year:
  • TH6 – 3 builder, and you can have it by getting 1250 Tropes
  • TH8 – 4 builder, you will get those 4 builders by getting the Master league
  • TH9/10 – 5 builder, that you can achieve by raising your trophy to the Champion League.
  • But remember, having multiple builders is always better, as you can use them when you need them.
2.  Increase Troops Production
One of the worst ways to spend Gems is to use them to speed up the production of elixir or gold. Let me give you an example: you spend 500 Gems just to get 80,000 dark elixirs, which is about 5 gems to get 1,000 dark elixirs. It's better for you to use it on your barracks or dark barracks because it only takes about 5 minutes to attack the enemy at full power, while the gold mine, elixir collector, or dark elixir drill keep producing. You'll get more treasure that way.

Speeding Up Time
If you have 5 builders who are busy upgrading. While your storage is already starting to fill up, then you will lose when every time you get a lot of stolen treasure, but the treasure does not go into the treasure storage. The third wise way to spend gems is to speed up the building process. So that you have 1 or 2 builders idle. You can use them to upgrade other buildings or upgrade heroes, so that your storage is empty again. You can also use it to build walls to the maximum level by idling 1 builder specifically for building walls.

Don't upgrade heroes
Upgrading heroes is one of the worst ways in the game when you have to upgrade them with gems. You can't use them for a week which can be very boring for you because you have to upgrade them up to 40 times each. If you are a good player, you will wait for your heroes to finish upgrading on their own. So you can use both at the same time.

Here are some tips on how to use gems wisely:
  • Not completing the upgrade early, remind yourself that gems are valuable.
  • Never spend gems on resources, it just wastes your gems.
  • Don't buy gems with the money you have. Although it's easy, it's just a mobile game, not something you need urgently. just because gems are in the tree, doesn't mean your money is too. This is especially true for kids who are getting into this type of game. Don't buy gems without your parents' permission.
  • Last but not least is Shield. Shields are almost always useless. Your village will still be attacked. So don't use gems to buy a shield when you can't play the game for a while.

There are many ways to get Gems in Clash of Clans, so stay calm and don't be rash about using them all the time. You can get them by clearing weeds, trees, rocks, trunks and more. You can clean the Gems box to get 25 Gems in one gem box. And you can also get Gems from missions that you have completed.

When you upgrade something in the COC game, you have to wait a long time for it to be usable. And it will take even longer if you're already in TH 8, TH 9 or TH 10. One upgrade can take a week for the builders to finish. So, stay calm and don't get too excited about using your gems. Save as many as you can, so that you can allocate them properly, for example to buy additional builders. So, your builder totals 5.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Gems are the most valuable resource in Clash of Clans. With Gems, you can buy anything you want in the game!!! With gems you can also complete builds faster.

There are many ways to get Gems in the Clash of Clans game, among others:

1. Clear your village of trunks, trees, rocks, bushes and more. by removing them you will earn a number of gems.

2. Sometimes you see a gem box called Gems Box in your village. just click on it and let the builder work. You will get 25 Gems for free.

3. You can also earn free gems for successfully completing certain missions in "Achievements".

4. You can get 465 free Gems if you can complete the Sweet Victory mission where you must be at trophy 1250.

5. The most difficult way to get gems for free is to upgrade your trophy to Champion level.

Hopefully this article is useful for you, and hopefully you have a large collection of gems!!!


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