The Best Way to Fish out a Lava Hound from Clan Castle - Clash of Clans

Recently, many Clash of Clans players have been placing lava hounds in their clan castles to use as a defensive measure against enemy attacks. However, numerous players are still unaware of the most effective method to eliminate lava hounds. While some deploy troops like archers or wizards, others resort to using poison spells. This article will explore the proper strategies for defeating lava hounds in clan castles.

Always think that the contents of Clan Castle are lava hounds

Assuming that the enemy Clan Castle contains lava hounds ensures you prepare a robust army to defeat them. Generally, lava hounds inflict minimal damage on your troops; for instance, a level 3 lava hound deals only 168 damage per attack, requiring six hits to eliminate a level 6 wizard. However, the lava pups, the offspring of lava hounds, pose a real threat to your forces due to their swiftness and higher damage output compared to their progenitors. It's not uncommon for hog riders to fall victim to these lava pups. Therefore, it's crucial to eliminate them before launching your attack.

How to overcome defenses with lava hounds

There are several methods to defeat lava hounds effectively. This guide will focus on the most efficient technique: using the Poison Spell. While the Poison Spell doesn't damage the lava hound directly, it is extremely effective against lava pups. Your approach may vary; you might lure the hound out and then eliminate it with a wizard or archer or opt for a direct attack. Regardless of the strategy, the key is to deploy the Poison Spell once the lava hound splits into lava pups.

Lava hound's ability to defend and attack

Lava hound level 1
  • Damage per Second = 10
  • Damage per Hit = 20
  • Damage Upon Death = 100
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 8
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 8
  • Hitpoints = 6.100
  • Research Cost = -
  • Research Time = -
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = -
Lava hound level 2
  • Damage per Second = 12
  • Damage per Hit = 24
  • Damage Upon Death = 150
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 10
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 9
  • Hitpoints = 6.500
  • Research Cost = 28.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 12 days 12 hours
  • Laboratory Level Required = 7
Lava hound level 3
  • Damage per Second = 14
  • Damage per Hit = 28
  • Damage Upon Death = 200
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 12
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 10
  • Hitpoints = 6.800
  • Research Cost = 43 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 4 days
  • Laboratory Level Required = 8
Lava hound level 4
  • Damage per Second = 16
  • Damage per Hit = 32
  • Damage Upon Death = 250
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 14
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 11
  • Hitpoints = 7.200
  • Research Cost = 85.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 6 days 6 hours
  • Laboratory Level Required = 9
Lava hound level 5
  • Damage per Second = 18
  • Damage per Hit = 36
  • Damage Upon Death = 300
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 16 
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 12
  • Hitpoints = 7.600
  • Research Cost = 120.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 7 days
  • Laboratory Level Required = 10
Lava hound level 6
  • Damage per Second = 20
  • Damage per Hit = 40
  • Damage Upon Death = 350
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on offense = 18
  • Lava Pups Spawned (after death) on defense = 13
  • Hitpoints = 8.000
  • Research Cost = 160.000 dark elixir
  • Research Time = 8 days
  • Laboratory Level Required = 11

The Level 6 Lava Hound poses a formidable challenge for attackers due to its high hit points, often leaving opponents bewildered and struggling to defeat it as time dwindles. It is advisable to stock your Clan Castle with Lava Hounds for defense; they can significantly bolster the protection of your base against enemy assaults.

The first method is to lure the lava hound out of the Clan Castle.

  1. You can use 2 giants, or 2 hog riders to lure the lava out of the Clan Castle.
  2. Lure the lava hound to the corner with the archer, then you can take out the archer and 3-4 wizards to kill it.
  3. Prepare a poison spell. Drop it when the lava hound has turned into lava pups.
  4. Instead of archer you can use archer queen to distract. As a replacement for the archer.

The second way, without fishing out

  1. Use golems as your attack strategy. you can take out golems at the beginning of the attack.
  2. While the golem is charging forward, you can cast a wizard to protect the golem.
  3. The lava hound will be lured out and attack your golem.
  4. Use the wizard to kill the lava hound
  5. And finally drop a poison spell when the lava turns into lava pups
These tips should help you effectively eliminate a Lava Hound in the Clan Castle. See You 


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