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How to Teach Your Child to Excel

Every parent desires their child to be intelligent and excel academically. Certainly, you would want a smart and successful child. The development of a bright and exceptional child is influenced not only by nutrition and genetics but also by the educational methods high-achieving children receive from their parents.

In order for children to excel, what is the right way to educate them? Here we will share the full information with you!

1. Create a home environment conducive to learn

The learning process is not only sufficient at school but must also be continued at home. In order for the learning process at home to be effective, creating a conducive learning atmosphere is necessary.

You can set up a special room for studying and put lots of books there. Make sure the area is cozy and away from distractions such as the television or children's play equipment.

2. Don't hesitate to involve your child in academics from a young age

Never hesitate to let your children learn and encourage them to learn. You can introduce the alphabet and numbers early on. Don't hesitate to invite your children to watch volleyball, football and other matches from a young age.

In this way, you can at the same time make your children recognize their potential early on whether it is related to academics or non-academics.

3. Nurture the habit of reading from an early age

Reading provides many benefits including being great for improving memory, stimulating the ability of brain nerve cells and sharpening children's concentration. You can start reading fairy tales before bedtime.

4. Instill a sense of discipline early on

If your child has entered school age, start instilling a sense of discipline in your child. Start teaching him to get to school on time, wake up on time a few hours before school preparation and divide his study time.

Discipline needs to be taught from an early age so that it becomes a habit when the child grows up.

5. Don't overprotect

Many parents do not want to give children the opportunity to solve their own problems. Then parents rush to help solve the child's problems without letting him solve his own problems first.

In fact, this is a way that is not justified in educating children. Make sure to give children the opportunity to solve their own problems. Let his brain think to find solutions to the problems he faces. If they can't solve it, then you can give them ideas to solve the problem.

6. Don't forget to teach your child social skills

There is a correlation between social skills in childhood and social skills in adulthood. So never neglect to teach your children social skills from an early age.

Teach your child how to communicate with friends, how to be kind to friends and how to solve problems with friends.

7. Don't get tired of giving assignments

There is a lot of evidence to show that homework is very beneficial for children's cognitive development. So don't ever get tired of assigning tasks to your children.

If necessary, invite your children to cooperate in completing homework. This can be an education in co-operation for your child as well.

8. Never neglect your child

Children often ask questions that some adults thinks are silly. But actually, it is not silly but shows the child's curiosity.

Make sure to always nurture your child's curiosity and never ignore it. Also, communicate with your child often to train them how to express their opinions and so on.


Jika Anda merupakan orang tua yang sibuk dengan pekerjaan, pastikan berikan 2 – 3 jam setiap malam untuk anak. Anda bisa bercengkrama sebelum tidur dengannya agar anak tidak merasa terabaikan.

9. Terapkan reward and punishment

Terlalu sering memuji memang bukan hal yang baik. Namun jangan sampai pemahaman orang tua tentang kurang baiknya terlalu sering memuji menjadikan Anda mengabaikan prestasi yang sudah didapatkan anak.

Berikan pemahaman kepada anak bahwa Anda tidak mengabaikan prestasi mereka. Salah satunya bisa dengan memberikan reward kepada si kecil ketika dia berhasil mencapai apa yang sudah ditargetkan.

Berikan juga punishment atau hukuman jika ia tidak melakukan tugas dan kewajibannya dengan baik.

Sebagai orang tua, pastikan juga agar Anda tidak emosi dalam mendidik anak. Kesalahan kecil yang dilakukan adalah hal yang wajar karena anak sedang dalam proses atau masa belajar. Jika ada kesalahan, Anda harus mengarahkannya dengan baik.


Demikian sedikit informasi yang kami dapat bagikan terkait bagaimana cara mendidik anak berprestasi yang bisa dilakukan orang tua. Semoga berhasil ya moms!

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