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Is it Effective to Put the Town Hall on the Outside of the Village?

The new system in Clash of Clans has led players to reset their bases due to increased distractions. Opponents have become tougher across all trophy levels. Personally, the pressure in the Champion trophy was so intense that I descended to the Crystal league within a week. Adapting to this change requires a solid strategy. Notably, if your Town Hall is placed outside and gets destroyed by an enemy, you will not receive a SHIELD under this new system.

In the updated system, it's not possible to collect gold and elixir simultaneously. It's advisable to prioritize the resource you deem most important. Gathering gold and elixir is a time-consuming process. For instance, a Town Hall 9 with 200,000 gold, 200,000 elixir, and 2,000 dark elixir is often targeted by stronger forces, such as Town Hall 10 troops. Conversely, a Town Hall with 300,000 gold, 50,000 elixir, and 2,000 dark elixirs seldom experiences significant attacks from adversaries.

You should place your Town Hall in the center of your base and place your storage separately and not in groups. Especially if you want to accumulate dark elixir, you can put Town Hall or Clan Castle to protect Dark Elixir Storage.
The right league for Town Hall 9 and 10 is in the Crystal league or master league. When you attack, you will always be able to get into the center of the base to destroy defense buildings and rob storage.

Tips and How to Survive in Clash of Clans:

  1. Don't build a wall around the base, because it's useless. If the enemy can destroy the wall, then it is easy for the enemy to destroy all the buildings within our walls.
  2. Try to have the walls arranged to protect the defense building. This is very important to keep our storage safe
  3. Don't protect your Town hall with a wall, it's useless too.
  4. Do not place defense buildings close together, this serves to slow down the opponent's troop movement
  5. Try to separate one defense building from another.
  6. Don't forget to upgrade your wall. Because walls serve to slow down the movement of opposing tropes such as golems and giant.
  7. Keep your defenses at max level before deciding to board the Town Hall.
  8. Always fill the Clan Castle with troops from your clanmates. You can request wizards or minions. these two tropes are cheap and powerful enough in my opinion, so your clanmates won't mind filling it up.
  9. Always try to reload your x-bow, inferno tower and eagle artillery. So that they are always fully loaded.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the latest Clash of Clans update. May they be of use to you!


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